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What we’re about

Welcome to the Rust Aarhus User Group. We are a community of programmers and enthusiasts who are passionate about the Rust programming language. Whether you're a seasoned Rustacean or just getting started, our group is the perfect place for you to connect with like-minded individuals, share knowledge, and learn something new.

If you're interested in Rust, we invite you to join our community! Our group is open to everyone, regardless of skill level or experience. We believe that learning is a collaborative process and are committed to creating a supportive and welcoming environment for all members.

Please, also find our chat on Matrix.

If you are interested in the work of running the community, you might want to pay our GitHub page a visit and our Meetup group Rust Aarhus Organizers.

We are bound by the Berlin Code of Conduct, whose full terms can be found here:

The Rust logo by the Rust Foundation is licensed under CC-BY 4.0.

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  • Talk Night at Trifork
    Trifork A/S, Aarhus
    • Photo of Philip Kristoffersen
    • Photo of Tue Henriksen
    • Photo of Evren Türkoğlu
    • CL
    • Photo of Gizem Savci