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TWITTER: https://twitter.com/rustcpp_cardiff

Rust and C++ Cardiff is a group for performant language enthusiasts, beginners and seasoned developers from all fields. We encourage the community to nerd out at workshops and give talks to each other exploring these constantly evolving technologies.

QUESTIONNAIRE: https://forms.gle/SpC2ktAEEFuAp4ps9

As a new meetup group, we're keen to get feedback on what folks make of the meetups so far, so we can improve in the future and create a great space for everyone! We have a short questionnaire on which we would really love to get as many responses for as possible! (Big thank you to everyone who has already filled it in!)

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REMOTE EVENT - Rust and Cpp Cardiff :: v1.8

Online event

JOIN US ON ZOOM - We'll kick off at 18:30. (Link will be visible nearer event time) Welcome from Rust and Cpp Cardiff! More talks and chats about our favourite languages and all things tech! We've been away a little while, but back and hyped to discuss everything that's been going on in the Rust and C++ world since we last met. Agenda: Intro Talk 1 - Krzysztof : "import export hooray.modules" Talk Teaser - Roi Barken : Type Traits, Concepts and Specialization Talk 2 - Ciara : Tail Recursion ftw Break/chit chat Talk 3: Richard : C++ variant vs rust enum Talk 4 - Chris : Web server on a raspberry pi! Any Lightning Talks!? Drop us a message if you want to do a lightning talk! Big thank you to Esri for sponsoring us! ******************** Pro tip for zoom - If you cancel the app installer and then click the download link again, and cancel again, eventually a little *secret* link that allows you to join from the browser should appear! ********************

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REMOTE EVENT - Rust and Cpp Cardiff :: v1.7

Online event

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