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Rust and C++ Cardiff is a group for performant language enthusiasts, beginners and seasoned developers from all fields. We encourage the community to nerd out at workshops and give talks to each other exploring these constantly evolving technologies.

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As a new meetup group, we're keen to get feedback on what folks make of the meetups so far, so we can improve in the future and create a great space for everyone! We have a short questionnaire on which we would really love to get as many responses for as possible! (Big thank you to everyone who has already filled it in!)

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Rust Book Study Session - Smart Pointers

Online event

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Welcome from Rust and Cpp Cardiff! All levels welcome!
Following on from our meetup covering on Functional Language Features & Cargo and Crates.io, this session we will be discussing the Rust Book chapter 15:

Chapter 15: Smart Pointers

This session is particularly important one, covering the most useful of the standard library Smart Pointer types in Rust:
- Box for allocating values on the heap
- Rc, a reference counting type that enables multiple ownership
- Ref and RefMut, accessed through RefCell, a type that enforces the borrowing rules at runtime instead of compile time

We'll also get our first look at interior mutability, reference cycles and memory leaks. All essential concepts when working with heap memory in Rust.

We think these sessions will be most useful if attendees can work through the chapters prior to the event, but whether you've had time to look at the chapters or not, all are welcome! The sessions are a chance to swap notes, ask questions and discuss any key points.

Don't worry if you missed last week - you can still get set up using the earlier chapters in the book and reach out on our rust book club discord channels for any help! https://discord.gg/DGSpkYP

Look forward to seeing you there!

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