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What we’re about


we are Rust enthusiasts based out of Bangalore, with the following goals:
• create awareness about Rust programming language.
• curate a community of folks who want to learn more about Rust Programming language.
• conduct regular meetups, atleast once a month.
• encourage individuals to contribute to Rust and Rust-based projects
mentor newbies, students and interested individuals
• organise Rust hackathons
• seed and lead projects that push the envelope in systems programming.
Join the community today !

Please join the following media channels or handles for all further announcements.

Twitter: @rustlangin


Discord: There is a FPIndia discord channel, and it has a rust channel as well.

Google Groups: rustox This can be considered as a mailing list announcement replacement for now or even be used for discussions. (Not active)

Mailing list: (Not active)

We would like to move off this platform and future meetups will be announced via

Please join the telegram group or the above link to know about future meetups or participate in discussions.