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Dockerize your JavaScript Dev Environment w/ Hayden Braxton of Unboxed
This talk is geared more towards a senior level presentation and will be very code heavy. But even if you never seen or even heard of Docker before we want you to come. Just be ready to drink from the firehose! Presentation Abstract - As helpful as package managers are, managing dependencies still sucks. Beyond just node_modules, we oftentimes have more dependencies impacting our projects than we realize: OS, C++ compiler, node version, globally installed node_modules, environment variables, just to name a few. This cobbled mess of dependencies in our dev environments is the root of the legendary adage, “Works on my machine.” One of Docker’s primary use cases is to minimize the discrepancy between different developers’ environments and between dev and production environments. We can harness this power of Docker to tame our JavaScript dev environments and alleviate the headaches we experience when fighting with our node_modules. In this talk, we’ll begin with a cursory look at Docker and how containers work. Then, we’ll dive into the nitty gritty of how Docker can help us tame our JavaScript dev environment. Along the way, we’ll see how to build a Docker image optimized for development and wire up our build process so that we end up with uniquely versioned environments for every version of our app. In the end, we might just be able to skip installing our node_modules! The conversation will be code heavy with a lot of demos and perhaps a bit in-depth if you’ve never seen Docker before. So come ready to drink from the firehose! If you want to follow along with the examples bring your laptop with Docker installed. Docker CE: Docker Toolbox (legacy support for older desktops): Presenter Bio Hayden Braxton is a native resident of RVA, currently working as a software engineer for Unboxed Technology. In his free time, you will probably find him writing code, hanging out with dev communities, or honing his South Indian cooking skills. As always, the meeting is free.. Looking forward to seeing you!! Gaelen

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