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Configuration Based Development Approach - Andrew Evans & Ram Ramkumar w/CapTech

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Configuration Based Development Approach - Andrew Evans & Ram Ramkumar w/CapTech


Presentation Abstract

Andrew & Ram will introduce you to the Configuration Based Development Approach. Using this approach improves the developer experience and, ultimately, makes projects easier. And who doesn't want EASIER projects??

There will be several steps that we take throughout the presentation to make sure everyone gets the maximum benefit. We will walk through a project written in React by building it out using the "Configuration Based Development Approach." Initially, we will start by taking the finished project and showing off what it looks like in action. Then we'll iteratively walk through building the finished project step by step.

First Step - We'll start with some basic components, then add a configuration file.

Second Step(s) - We'll iteratively show what it looks like when you connect new components to that configuration until we have the finished product.

Third Step - We will highlight how this enables easy changes to the projects through this approach.

Last Step - We will finish the presentation by showing how the configuration file can be replaced with direct API calls so that you don't have to hardcode the actual values.

We will have some "Pro Tips" for the more senior-level folks in attendance!

We want this to be a very collaborative presentation and discussion, so feel free to ask any questions throughout the presentation, so we can answer them on the fly.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in our virtual Zoom Meetup. Zoom web link is provided below and the Password will be provided either the day before or the day of the event.

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