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What we’re about

About Anglo-Saxon Heathenry
Anglo-Saxon Heathenry (Théodish Belief, Ésatréow, Fyrnsidu), is the renewal of the ancient pre-Christian religion of our English ancestors. Its gods, goddesses, holidays, and traditions are related to those of ancient Norse Heathenry and its modern-day revivals (Ásatrú, Odinism).

Meetup Goals
The customs and beliefs of the Anglo-Saxon Heathenry still permeate our lives today through holidays (Yule, Easter, Midsummer), traditions (Wassailing, May Pole dancing), and folklore - even the days of the week are named after the Anglo-Saxon gods and goddesses. They were a people with a rich culture, steadfast worldview, and a strongly knit community - many attributes worth rekindling today. This meetup aims to explore the culture and customs of the heathen Anglo-Saxons to better understand their religion.

Topics and Guests
This is a family-friendly meetup hosted by the Ealdríce Théod ( Discussions on Anglo-Saxon, Continental, and Norse heathen religion, tradition, language, and culture are welcome. This is not, however, a forum to discuss politics or current events. Anyone sincerely interested in learning more about the ancient, pre-Christian, Anglo-Saxon pagan religion is welcome.