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Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library's Tuesday Night Lecture Series
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RVML 1757 Ashland St. One mile west of I-5 exit 14
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Beginning in 2002, RVML’s Tuesday Night Lecture series has hosted hundreds of presenters on a variety of fascinating, practical, and unusual subjects.
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Cultivating Humility- Personal Enrichment & Better Relationships by Marla Estes

FREE ADMISSION – 1757 Ashland St., Ashland, OR. One mile west of I-5 Exit 14

“Introduction to ‘Cultivating Humility’- Personal Enrichment, Better Relationships & Building Bridges” with Marla Estes, M.A.

Learning to cultivate humility promotes a deeper and more satisfying connection with relationship partners, family members, friends, and colleagues at work.

Humility and calm make us less emotionally reactive, promote understanding at a deeper level and can help us become better people.
Being more humble is a starting point to ultimately help us bridge any divides.

Facilitator Marla Estes, M.A. has a background in Psychology. Since 2007, she has taught workshops using film as a way to gain a better understanding of ourselves and others. She created Building Bridgers to address the political polarization in our country.

Since 2017, she has been giving presentations, movie nights, book groups, workshops, and classes. Her focus is on education and helping people to develop insights and skills in approaching difficult conversations.

SEE ALSO: 3-Part Course: “Cultivating Humility”- For Personal Enrichment, Better Relationships, and Building Bridges with Marla Estes, MA. Starts Saturday, Nov. 5, 2-4pm at RVML

Presenter’s Website: https://www.BuildingBridgers.com

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Electric Bikes: Technical Understanding and the Health & Sustainability Benefits

FREE ADMISSION – 1757 Ashland St., Ashland, OR. One mile west of I-5 Exit 14

In the past couple of years, electric bikes have gained in popularity. They're not only an amazing way to get around more sustainably, but have also been healthier and have fun in the process. This talk helps give a more holistic overview of electric bikes, and highlights some common understandings that aren't always obvious by just doing research internet research. This talk teaches:

Technical Understanding:
o What qualifies as an E-bike
o The Classifications of E-bikes
o Mid Drive Vs. Hub Motors
o Considerations for Throttle Bikes
o Care of Lithium-Ion Batteries for Longevity
o Considerations for Buying Online
o Considerations for Buying Used

Health Benefits and Sustainability benefits of E-bikes
o Improvements to Physical Health
o Improve Mental Health
o Moving Away from Fossil Fuels
o Potential Long-Term Outcomes

Samantha Smith grew up and attended University in Michigan. In 2007, she graduated with a BS in Industrial Engineering, from Kettering University. She started her manufacturing career when she was 18, while going to school, and spent 17 years working in various manufacturing roles (Engineering, Maintenance, Production, and Quality Assurance).

Her career in manufacturing spanned several different product types, varying from automotive parts/sub-assemblies, to cabinetry, to food production. She was often involved in start-ups of new products, new equipment, or new plants. In one role with Post Foods, her plant manager planted a seed when he told her that she was more of an entrepreneur. At the time she didn’t even know what that word meant. Over the years as she began to understand that word and realized he might be right.

In 2015 she took a job with Amy’s Kitchen, in White city, and has been in the Rogue Valley ever since. She fell in love with all the natural beauty and fun activities that this area has to offer. She took up mountaineering, rock climbing, and her favorite to date is canyoneering.

As she spent time exploring the beautiful mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and canyons of the west; she became enamored with living a more simplistic, minimalist, and less consumer-driven life. She paid off her student loans and stepped away from the corporate hustle to build her own Tiny House. She had plans to start her own local zero waste shop, but the pandemic would alter those plans, and put her on the path she is on now. Learning that the previous owner was looking to retire she thought about what it would be like to own an electric bike shop. She realized that electric bikes helped her combine her passion for sustainability, and helping people live healthier lives. It would allow her to lean on both her business and technical skills developed he her previous career, and learn new skills.

Presenter's Website: https://AshlandElectricBikes.com

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“Coming Home to Your Self”- With the Selfhood System & Practice with Dorre Ray

FREE ADMISSION – 1757 Ashland St., Ashland, OR. One mile west of I-5 Exit 14

The Selfhood system and practice helps you access your inner resources, relieves stress and fears, and helps you feel good about your self. You build a home base that helps you let go of falsehoods and focus on your truth. You learn a simple, user-friendly practice that enables you to dissolve fears, unwanted, unacceptable negative emotions, and let go of personal stories, past problems and attachments. You learn to stay open to a real and true experience of self-trust and acceptance, reclaim your personal power, and “Come Home to Your Self”; Carl Jung’s meaning of Self as “the God within us”, or Higher Power or Spirit.

Dorre Lin Ray, D.C. is a chiropractor, therapist, teacher, and author. She has dedicated her life and career to the treatment and healing of emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical injuries and the different kinds of suffering. She has developed a whole new system and practice and has treated her patients successfully for almost 40 years. She has four years of training in Reichian Therapy/Bioenergetics, which focused on releasing emotional energy stored in the body coming from physical blocks and symptoms in the body.

She has led OLLI classes and workshops on the subjects “Coming to Peace: Opening to our True Self: and Letting Go:” She has taught Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) to chiropractors, as well as Chiropractic Reflex Technique and NAET advanced training for the treatment of allergies. Dr. Ray also taught in Japan and Korea as a lead instructor for one of the primary pioneers in chiropractic, Major DeJarnette. She was certified as a Craniopath by the Chiropractic Craniopathic Society. Dr. Ray has been trained in hypnotherapy and personal and group therapy. She majored in philosophy/psychology at Iowa State University and received her doctorate degree from Western States Chiropractic College, Portland, Oregon in 1977.

Since 2008, Dr. Ray has facilitated a spiritual and emotional growth group, the Explorers. She has treated individuals with unresolved emotional issues using the Selfhood System and Practice. It has been highly effective in helping patients end suffering and discover new healthy perspectives, changing the way they live their lives.

She has been using and teaching the Selfhood Practice for over 25 years. What is presented in this book is the culmination of her clinical and personal research as a chiropractor, holistic practitioner, teacher and writer. This evolutionary process has transformed her life and the lives of others who have followed through with using this practice. The Selfhood Practice has been used successfully on PTSD patients as well as people who have common fears and phobias.

Her career has been focused on helping people reach their full potential, by letting go of past conditioning, programming, and negative identifications that have been blocks and barriers to their growth, development, and evolvement. Patients learn how to let go of ego patterns and defenses and refocus their energy on new healthy perspectives.

The mother of two beautiful daughters and grandmother of four amazing grandsons, Dr. Ray lives happily in Ashland, Oregon with her husband of 32 years.

Presenter’s Website: https://www.selfhoodsystemandpractice.com

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"Change Drama into Dharma"- How to win Friends & Influence Your Karma

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FREE ADMISSION – 1757 Ashland St., Ashland, OR. One mile west of I-5 Exit 14

“Change Drama into Dharma”- How to win Friends and Influence Your Karma with Sondra Bennett

It’s easy to be sensitive while meditating or praying for others. But what happens when you are interacting with your family, friends, business relations, and spiritual or religious community? Do you ever clash with their style – their way of being and acting? Would you rather turn conflict into compassion?

In this Interactive Life Performance Practice Lab:

-Learn how we all have 5 Performance Styles to different degrees and how these differences can either attract or inhibit our relationships and interactions with each other.

-Discover the comic & tragic sides of your character. Develop character traits that support your joyful and compassionate nature.

-Practice Self-Awareness and act from Genuine Presence.

Experience this unique process designed to help you truthfully express your chosen self-image during everyday interactions – even when you are alone with yourself.

Life Performance Practices (LPP) is a performance-based training for self-awareness in daily life that is compatible with all sacred paths – your dharma. You begin to make character and performance choices in daily life that live up to your core values.

Activities: LPP Instruction, exercises, dialogue & interactive improv scenario collaboration. It’s thought-provoking, yet great fun.

Sondra Bennett taught Life Performance Practices at Walt Disney Imagineering for eight years, Walt Disney Co., Sony, at CPA and law firms, and small businesses. She has taught LPP at Cedar Sinai Cancer Center, at Daniel Freeman hospital for stroke & head injury, at UCLA Adult Ed. and other educational institutes, at Hughes Aircraft & Space Industry, and for the general public. She is the author of “Living on the Empty Stage, Performing Daily Life in the Light of Self-Awareness.”

Presenter’s Website: www.LifePerformancePractices.com

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