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What we’re about

What is S.E.E. Mates? What does S.E.E. mean? Well, it can mean lots of things! Ski - Snowboard - Swim - Socialize - Sing - Sea! Or, E? Explore - Experience - Engage - Eat - Exercise! In other words, it means something perhaps a little different for each of us! However, it brings us together! You will S.E.E!

We are a group of fun, kind, socially active men and women who enjoy staying healthy and participating in outdoors (and virtually) together! Join our waitlist at If you have been skiing or traveling alone because your ski/travel buddies are no longer skiing or available when you are, this group is for you!! We plan to enjoy occasional social gatherings locally on our patios, in restaurants, on rail trails, on the slopes, water, or mountains!

Did you post a picture with a recognizable face shot? OF YOU ONLY? NO GROUP SHOTS. For everyone's safety we now require this. If you have trouble posting one please let me know. If your membership is declined, try posting a better picture and resubmit. A CLEAR view of your face means your face cannot be obstructed by Glasses, Goggles, Hats, Mugs, Pets or anything else. You can't be so far away or fuzzy that we can't make out the features of your face.

Enrollment will reopen in April for a limited time only for a low introductory rate. At the end of enrollment period, our meetup page will become exclusive to paid members. Of course, all current Meetup members will have the opportunity to join during our open enrollment period.

Watch for our announcements on Meetup or simply join our waitlist to receive a personal announcement and invitation.

Hope to S.E.E. you Soon! In the meantime, Stay well! Stay Safe!

Best regards,


Director, S.E.E. Mates Ski & Travel Club