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What we’re about

We pride ourselves in being a group of committed hikers and "off-roaders" who love to be outdoors and enjoy nature and good company. We hope you will decide to join us and choose to explore San Antonio and its surrounding environs.  We strive to schedule hikes for every weekend and for holidays.  We also do biking, kayaking, tubing, horseback riding, camping and anything that gets us the heck out of the city and into nature.

Occasionally an organizer may also schedule a mid-week event or something random.  Our policy is that on hikes in parks where dogs are permitted you are free to bring them and obey the park rules regarding leashes and cleaning up after them. Children are permitted also but realize that they are YOUR responsibility and that this is an adult outdoor group. Children less than 12 years old are not permitted on our events.

 Primarily, we aim for each hike to be an excellent exercise for our members. Consequently we typically hike at a moderate to fast pace depending on terrain.  Check our events description for details of distance, pace and terrain.

Privacy Notice: You are welcome to take as many photos as you wish of your surrounding environs. But please ask for permission before you take a photo of any member of the group and ask for permission if you intend to post his or her photo to the web.

If you have a question please call or text. See you on our next adventure!


Phone: 757-515-7084


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