• RPG meet and greet
    Hello everyone! If you're interested in RPGs, I'm running a little event where we talk about RPGs, get to know each other, and then try to play a little adventure. The main purpose is to try to find GMs, that we can network and function as a middle man between player and GM so as to eliminate the stress of trying to find a group on your own. It's still really small with only a couple of GMs, but its picking up rather quickly within this past month of starting this endeavor. We'll be meeting at A-1 Comics in Roseville on Sundays for the time being until we can find a more accommodating place. Space here is limited as there are card tournaments taking place, and most of the space, so we've only ever been able to claim one table. With that in mind it could get packed, but I'd still like to meet people on an individual basis and just get to know them. Bis bald!

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    A-1 Comics

    818 Sunrise Avenue · Roseville, CA

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  • Sakuramento Anime
    Join us to discuss and watch anime. We tend to watch newer material, but, on request, we will demo anime card games, play anime related games, show older material if we have it (as long as it has not aired on US TV), or do anything else anime related. The group tends to be smale in number, 5-10 regulars, and we always welcome new people.

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    Rancho Cordova Library

    9845 Folsom Boulevard · Sacramento, CA

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  • Sunday Night Trivia at Karma Brew!!!
    Join your Quizmaster Brian for a fun night of trivia, beers, and the best sangria in town!! There are 4 rounds, including a picture round. Questions are all over the board, so bring a team!! Up to 6 people per team, and no cheating!!! The first place team wins a $15 gift certificate to Karma Brew, second gets a $10 certificate, and third gets a $5 certificate. So come on out and have some fun!!!!!

    Karma Brew

    1530 16th Street · Sacramento, CA

  • game of Go club
    http://www.davissacramentogoclub.org/the-game-of-go/ Come play and learn the game of Go! Meets inside the Arden "Market Square" -- the food court that has the Pluto's, CPK, sushi restaurant and UA Theatre -- at the first few tables near the main entrance. Meets EVERY Mondays from 6 pm to 10 pm at this location. (Note, also meets Thursday nights 6-10pm at Steve’s Pizza, located at 314 F Street, in Davis.)


    1735 Arden Way · Sacramento, CA

  • Board Game Night in Old Folsom at the Fat Rabbit! Over 100 to play
    Every Monday The Game Getaway closes at 6 and we head over to The Fat Rabbit for game night! with over 100 games to play! A wide variety of games to play, good friendly gamers, and a great space and atmosphere to play in. This is a free event. Even though The Game Getaway is closed we can and do sell games at the event and run them over from the store. For event invites and updates, join the Gamers Grind Events group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/GamersGrindEvents/ or subscribe to The Game Getaway's event page at https://www.facebook.com/TheGameGetaway/events Special game requests are possible. To see our complete game library list take a look on Board game Geek here http://tinyurl.com/GrindLibrary

    The Fat Rabbit

    825 Sutter St · Folsom

  • X-Wing & ST: Attack Wing Monday Play Nights
    Mondays are to be a day for X-Wing and Star Trek: Attack Wing at Great Escape Games! Come on out and fly your way around. When: March 3, 2014 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm Where: Great Escape Games, 1250 Howe Avenue #3a, Sacramento,CA 95825 Whether you are a Star Wars fan, Star Trek fan, a miniatures gamer, or any combo of the above, we have open play night for both of these great miniatures games, X-Wing and Star Trek Attack Wing! It's free to play, so come... Hosted by Jason, http://www.meetup.com/Sacramento-Star-Wars-X-Wing-Miniatures/members/27831262/

    Great Escape Games

    1250 Howe Avenue #3a · Sacramento, CA

  • Sac Science Fiction/Fantasy Book Club
    Event: Sacramento Science Fiction/Fantasy Book Club Location: Midtown Crepeville, 18th & L (meets in the back) When: Every Monday, at 6:30pm What: a laid-back, friendly social club for people to discuss, recommend, share and trade their favorite Sci-Fi and fantasy books. In another words, come geek-out about books! Note, this is NOT a book-of-the-month type book club. It's more of a book-lovers' club. Unless otherwise stated in the comments, there is no current single book being read, so no worries about coming prepared. :) Started Aug. 15, 2011.

    Crepeville -Midtown

    1730 L St · Sacramento, CA

  • Empire's Comics Artist Meet-Up
    Each Tuesday night Empire's Comics Vault (https://www.facebook.com/EmpiresComics) will be hosting an art group! The focus will be a dedicated place and time to work on your art free of outside distractions. We will have dedicated work nights, special guests, tutorials and live models. Keep an eye on each event for the specifics.

    Empire's Comics Vault

    1120 Fulton Ave Ste K · Sacramento, CA

  • Pathfinder Society Organized Play - Tuesday
    Join us for a fun night of Pathfinder play in the iconic setting of Golarion. Players play agents of the Pathfinder Society, sent on missions to the far corners of Golarion on often perilous missions. We welcome all players, regardless of familiarity with the system. If you have never played before, or just want to try it out, we have a full range of pregenerated characters. You can reserve a seat at a game using our Warhorn (https://warhorn.net/events/sacramento-pfs)page, otherwise it is first come, first serve, although I will do everything I can to get everyone in on a game. Or learn more at our web page: sacpfs.com (http://sacpfs.com/about/welcome)

    Great Escape Games D&D

    1250 Howe Avenue · Sacramento

  • Sacramento Boardgames Meetup
    The Sacramento Boardgames, Cardgames, & Miniatures Meetup's fun weekly gathering for playing boardgames and card games at the Crepeville in Midtown at the corner of L St. and 18th St., every Tuesday at 6 pm til closing (11 pm). All are welcome, open to the public, all ages, all skill & experience levels! For more information and additional game nights, visit the event listing on the Board Game Meetup site ( http://www.meetup.com/sacramento-boardgamers/calendar ). IMPORTANT GUIDELINES AND REMINDERS: This is a restaurant and a business, not a library or YMCA. We are *not* renting out the place, the manager is being nice enough to let us use a large chunk of his space without charge. Please be courteous to the staff and fellow restaurant patrons, and please follow these common-sense etiquette requests: • No outside food. • Try to purchase at least $5 in food each visit, or at the very least on average at least $5 in food. Getting a $2 soda and getting 5 refills does not count as being a good customer. • Since the restaurant closes at 11 pm, please be out by 10:45 pm so the staff has time to clean up and can leave on time, to avoid them having to work overtime. • Please try to free up tables not being used for customers on busy, crowded nights. • Please be conscious of the noise level of your game, and please watch your language around minors. This is a family game night and a family restaurant. Don't let the lack of RSVPs scare you. This regular meetup has been going on for years and is one of the best regularly attended weekly events on the calendar. Most people just keep going and don't bother to RSVP, especially since it's also posted elsewhere. It gets typically 10 to 30 people each week and there are usually 3 or 4 games of various types and levels being played simultaneously, and there are almost always games to jump into. Attendees are friendly and love teaching games to new members. Most popular games at Tuesday night game night are Euro-games and strategy board games, but also trading card games, card games like Apples to Apples and social games and parties games are also played. Classic games such as Monopoly, not so much, but it's not unheard of either. The restaurant has recently renovated, and expanded their menu, so it now features, along with crepes, hamburgers, veggie burgers, salads, salmon, sandwiches, chicken fingers, french fries, breakfast all day (omelettes, french toast, eggs benedict), pastries, desserts, a coffee bar, and a beer and wine menu, and more, and they do take credit cards now. If Crepeville is every closed for a private event or such, consider using Buckhorn across the street as a back-up or overflow location. Thank you!

    Crepeville -Midtown

    1730 L St · Sacramento, CA