• Empire's Comics Artist Meet-Up
    Each Tuesday night Empire's Comics Vault (https://www.facebook.com/EmpiresComics) will be hosting an art group! The focus will be a dedicated place and time to work on your art free of outside distractions. We will have dedicated work nights, special guests, tutorials and live models. Keep an eye on each event for the specifics.

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    Empire's Comics Vault

    1120 Fulton Ave Ste K · Sacramento, CA

  • Sacramento Boardgames Meetup
    The Sacramento Boardgames, Cardgames, & Miniatures Meetup's fun weekly gathering for playing boardgames and card games at the Crepeville in Midtown at the corner of L St. and 18th St., every Tuesday at 6 pm til closing (11 pm). All are welcome, open to the public, all ages, all skill & experience levels! For more information and additional game nights, visit the event listing on the Board Game Meetup site ( http://www.meetup.com/sacramento-boardgamers/calendar ). IMPORTANT GUIDELINES AND REMINDERS: This is a restaurant and a business, not a library or YMCA. We are *not* renting out the place, the manager is being nice enough to let us use a large chunk of his space without charge. Please be courteous to the staff and fellow restaurant patrons, and please follow these common-sense etiquette requests: • No outside food. • Try to purchase at least $5 in food each visit, or at the very least on average at least $5 in food. Getting a $2 soda and getting 5 refills does not count as being a good customer. • Since the restaurant closes at 11 pm, please be out by 10:45 pm so the staff has time to clean up and can leave on time, to avoid them having to work overtime. • Please try to free up tables not being used for customers on busy, crowded nights. • Please be conscious of the noise level of your game, and please watch your language around minors. This is a family game night and a family restaurant. Don't let the lack of RSVPs scare you. This regular meetup has been going on for years and is one of the best regularly attended weekly events on the calendar. Most people just keep going and don't bother to RSVP, especially since it's also posted elsewhere. It gets typically 10 to 30 people each week and there are usually 3 or 4 games of various types and levels being played simultaneously, and there are almost always games to jump into. Attendees are friendly and love teaching games to new members. Most popular games at Tuesday night game night are Euro-games and strategy board games, but also trading card games, card games like Apples to Apples and social games and parties games are also played. Classic games such as Monopoly, not so much, but it's not unheard of either. The restaurant has recently renovated, and expanded their menu, so it now features, along with crepes, hamburgers, veggie burgers, salads, salmon, sandwiches, chicken fingers, french fries, breakfast all day (omelettes, french toast, eggs benedict), pastries, desserts, a coffee bar, and a beer and wine menu, and more, and they do take credit cards now. If Crepeville is every closed for a private event or such, consider using Buckhorn across the street as a back-up or overflow location. Thank you!

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    Crepeville -Midtown

    1730 L St · Sacramento, CA

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  • Geeks Who Drink at Yolo Brewing Company!
    Join us each and every Tuesday night at Yolo Brewing Company in West Sacramento for 8 rounds of good, old fashioned, clean (sometimes dirty) pub quiz fun! Yolo Brewing is family and pupper friendly, so bring the whole crew. And remember Tuesdays are Taco Tuesdays! So check out the beer and food truck specials! Each week we bring you 8 round of differing category pub quiz! You answer the questions, I reward you with beer and prizes! It's that simple! Things to know: 1 - Teams can be up to 6 players! (NO MORE than 6!) 2 - Happy hour extends throughout the quiz for all players! 3 - Did I mention FREE beer and FABULOUS prizes? Well we got those too! 4 - 1st place wins a $25 gift certificate, 2nd place wins a Flight and a Pint. We've also got some cash off your tab coupons for bonus prizes! 5 - It's totes fun and free to play! So get your teams together and get on down to Yolo Brewing on Tuesday nights!

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    Yolo Brewing Company

    1520 Terminal Street · West Sacramento, CA

  • Sacramento Chess Club
    http://www.sacramentochessclub.org/ The Sacramento Chess Club meets Tuesday evenings from 6 to 10 pm at Great Escape Games, 1250 Howe Avenue, Suite 3A (the shopping center has an Old Navy and Ross store in it). Great Escape Games is located at the furthest point away from the corner of Howe and Hurley in the shopping center (you will need to drive behind the shopping center to get to Great Escape Games). We are a USCF affiliate and charge no dues. Everyone of all ages and playing strength is welcome!

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    Great Escape Games

    1250 Howe Avenue behind shopping center · Sacramento, CA

  • Pathfinder Society Organized Play - Tuesday
    Join us for a fun night of Pathfinder play in the iconic setting of Golarion. Players play agents of the Pathfinder Society, sent on missions to the far corners of Golarion on often perilous missions. We welcome all players, regardless of familiarity with the system. If you have never played before, or just want to try it out, we have a full range of pregenerated characters. You can reserve a seat at a game using our Warhorn (https://warhorn.net/events/sacramento-pfs)page, otherwise it is first come, first serve, although I will do everything I can to get everyone in on a game. Or learn more at our web page: sacpfs.com (http://sacpfs.com/about/welcome)

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    Great Escape Games D&D

    1250 Howe Avenue · Sacramento

  • MacNexus General Meeting
    This Apple users group, a non-profit and all-volunteer organization, welcomes Macheads and novices with open arms. Whether you're a certified MacAddict, or considering your first Apple device purchase, there are plenty of long-time experienced users and fellow newbies who would love you to join us for discussions about current and upcoming products and software, including trouble shooting, cost savings and getting the most out of your Appleware. Monthly General Meetings are open to the public and include rumor and insider updates, the Question Can (an annonymous question and answer session), product demonstrations by members and developers, a members-only raffle with multiple prizes and more! July's General Meeting will feature an entertaining and informative look at what happened at this year's Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (https://developer.apple.com/wwdc/) (WWDC) with Andy Ihnatko (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andy_Ihnatko), live via Skype. Noted journalist and tech pundit, Andy will give us his take on Apple's direction and what it means for us Apple fans. As always, we'll have gourmet coffee and tea, plus sweet treats! The grand prize in this month's member-only raffle is being kept under wraps. Don't forget to stop by the raffle table to pick up your Ace of Diamonds for the Best of Geeky Sacramento Playing Cards (http://www.meetup.com/sacgeeks/pages/Best_of_Geeky_Sacramento_Playing_Cards/) deck! Check out our website at www.MacNexus.org (http://www.macnexus.org/) for more of what MacNexus has to offer including workshops and the Women In Technical Sisterhood (WITS) special interest group. Annual household membership is just $40 for a year and gives you access to all member benefits, including one free ticket at every raffle. General meetings last two hours and include a short break.

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    Sacramento Association of REALTORS®

    2003 Howe Avenue · Sacramento, CA

  • Geeks Who Drink Citrus Heights
    Join your host Miss LaLa (Lara) At Alley Katz in Citrus Heights every Tuesday night at 7:00pm! Alley Katz has the best beer selection in town, tasty sliders and most importantly - PUB QUIZ! We'll have 8 rounds of general knowledge pub quizzing goodness on a wide variety of topics. Teams can compete in groups of 6 or less and it's totally free to play! We'll have 5 bonus questions worth 1 FREE drink each and the 1st and 2nd place teams win a bar tab you can use on your next visit! Not to mention Miss LaLa's great big bucket... OF PRIZES! Prizes are awarded all night long for smarts, speed and making us laugh! Get your Geeks together and come see who's the smartest!

    Alley Katz

    7942 Arcadia Drive · Citrus Heights, CA

  • Sewing and crafting and fixing with Amtgards and Pirates and others, oh my!
    Every Wednesday night, 5 pm to 9 pm, the Amtgards and some of the Pirates and few random others get together to sew costumes, make/repair foam weapons and work on various other projects, and they are happy to have others join them to share in the big open useful space afforded by the back warehouse at Great Escape Games. So if you got stuff to work on and would rather work on it around people and get out of the house, or need some more room to spread out, or want to pick someone's brain, or want to find out more about Amtgard or Pirates, or need to do some gaming shopping, or just about any excuse you can think of, feel free to come on over to Great Escape Games near the corner of Howe and Hurley! If you've never been there, there store can be kinda hard to find the first time, it's in the backside of the shopping center, on the right side of it. 1250 Howe Avenue, Ste. A. greatescapegames.com

    Great Escape Games

    1250 Howe Avenue behind shopping center · Sacramento, CA

  • One Game Wednesday at Denny's
    This event was canceled.
  • monthly mixer for Davis Burners
    Calling all Burning Man aficionados and Friends of Burning Man! The time has come to gather in Davis. Come out and meet some fellow Burners and would be Burners! We invite you to the inaugural monthly mixer for Davis Burners at Delta of Venus 122 B Street Davis, CA 95616 (530)[masked] Starting February 22, come meet other Burners in your community, talk about Burner-related topics, local events, art projects and what matters to you! To kick things off, Davera Gabriel will do a **very** brief presentation, entitled: “What the heck is up with tickets?” …followed by an open discussion on the new ticket system, getting or reselling your tickets and other thoughts or concerns you burners may have. Let’s see if we can put our heads together and sift through the lottery dust. Also bring your ideas for future meetups at DoV: we want to hear them!! Mark your calendars, and then tell your friends, camp mates, soul mates, play mates… about the upcoming meetings, 3rd Wednesdays from 7 to 10p at Delta of Venus February 22 March 21 April 18 May 16 June 20

    Delta of Venus Coffee Shop

    122 B St · Davis, CA