• Friday Night Magic

    Comics & Collectibles

    These Tournaments will also be part of our year long Armory Wars series. Points from these tournaments and every tournament until the end of the year will decide who wins the axe!

  • MacNexus Third Saturday Workshop

    Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services

    NEW Additional MacNexus Workshop!! MacNexus (MN) members join other members in learning about new Apple products and programs in small classroom environments. Classes are from 9:00 AM till noon, with a 20 minute midway break (unless otherwise noted). Non-members are encouraged to attend one workshop before joining. Workshop classes offered this month include: iPad/iPhone Basics I - Tarah Frost This class will cover the basics of how to use an iPad (most topics also apply to iPhones). Topics may include: memory and model options, WiFi only versus 3G, touch typing, copy/paste functions, password protection, using the cameras, FaceTime, and app basics. Your Digital Life: Organizing the Dock, Files, Folders, and Bookmarks - Richard Applebaum This class covers understanding and organizing the Dock, System Preferences, files, folders, and bookmarks. As applicable, we'll discuss commonalities and terminology differences between Mac, Windows, and iDevice (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch). Drop in to the Tech Café for casual Q&A, coffee, tea and light bites. Folks with general questions, little or no prior computer or iPad/iPhone experience can stop by for advice and one-on-one style help from other knowledgable members. Sorry, Triage services are not available at this location. All services are included with a MacNexus membership ($40 annual per household). Find out more at www.MacNexus.org (http://www.macnexus.org/).

  • Historical German Longsword Group

    Mission North Park

    Tired of pretending? You want to know what the masters knew? Now is your chance! Sacramento HEMA is looking for students. We are part of a movement to recapture the historical European martial arts, the real martial arts, not Hollywood. Master like Liechtenaur, Meyer, Faulkner, Ringeck, and Liberi left their knowledge written in treatises for the ages to study. You can be part of it. We practice Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), starting from the writings of Liechtenauer and Ringeck. Our weapon of choice is the German longsword. Let’s get together and learn what has been lost. We meet weekly. Aaron Harmon can be reached at [masked]. For more info: http://sactohema.com/ (http://sactohema.blogspot.com/)

  • NorCal RoboRumble

    Needs a location

    FREE admission for attendees! NorCal RoboRumble is a robotics event featuring robo sumo, combat robots and autonomous competitions, including both Jr and Open competition brackets. REGISTER AS A COMPETITOR AT: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/norcal-roborumble-2019-tickets-52250069364 Event List: - Jr Autonomous Robot Sumo Competition - Age Under 18 - Mini Sumo Class (500 grams) - Jr R/C Robot Combat Competition - No Spinning Weapons - Age Under 18 - Ant Weight Class (1 lbs) - Open Autonomous Robot Sumo Competition - All Ages - Mini Sumo Class (500 grams) - Open R/C Robot Combat Competition - All Ages - Ant Weight Class (1 lbs) - Open "You've Got Mail" Competition - All Ages More details available at: http://www.norcalroborumble.com/ https://www.facebook.com/events/550722785389366/

  • Amtgard -- Thor's Refuge -- every Sunday noon at Fair Oaks Park

    https://www.facebook.com/events/309762165785520 If you want to play Medieval boffer sports in the Sacramento area, consider coming out to Fair Oaks park. We play every Sunday at 12:00pm. The Sacramento Amtgard group is called Thor's Refuge and I encourage you to come out because you get to hit people with foam swords! It's a form of live action role play. There are different classes that you can play such as Healer, Scout, Druid, Assassin, Monk, Anti-Paladin, Archer, Barbarian, Bard, Warrior, Wizard and yeah. There's all type of people on the field. So come out and play and check it out!

  • RPG meet and greet

    A-1 Comics

    Hello everyone! If you're interested in RPGs, I'm running a little event where we talk about RPGs, get to know each other, and then try to play a little adventure. The main purpose is to try to find GMs, that we can network and function as a middle man between player and GM so as to eliminate the stress of trying to find a group on your own. It's still really small with only a couple of GMs, but its picking up rather quickly within this past month of starting this endeavor. We'll be meeting at A-1 Comics in Roseville on Sundays for the time being until we can find a more accommodating place. Space here is limited as there are card tournaments taking place, and most of the space, so we've only ever been able to claim one table. With that in mind it could get packed, but I'd still like to meet people on an individual basis and just get to know them. Bis bald!

  • Sakuramento Anime

    Rancho Cordova Library

    Join us to discuss and watch anime. We tend to watch newer material, but, on request, we will demo anime card games, play anime related games, show older material if we have it (as long as it has not aired on US TV), or do anything else anime related. The group tends to be smale in number, 5-10 regulars, and we always welcome new people.

  • Sunday Night Trivia at Karma Brew!!!

    Karma Brew

    Join your Quizmaster Brian for a fun night of trivia, beers, and the best sangria in town!! There are 4 rounds, including a picture round. Questions are all over the board, so bring a team!! Up to 6 people per team, and no cheating!!! The first place team wins a $15 gift certificate to Karma Brew, second gets a $10 certificate, and third gets a $5 certificate. So come on out and have some fun!!!!!

  • game of Go club


    http://www.davissacramentogoclub.org/the-game-of-go/ Come play and learn the game of Go! Meets inside the Arden "Market Square" -- the food court that has the Pluto's, CPK, sushi restaurant and UA Theatre -- at the first few tables near the main entrance. Meets EVERY Mondays from 6 pm to 10 pm at this location. (Note, also meets Thursday nights 6-10pm at Steve’s Pizza, located at 314 F Street, in Davis.)

  • X-Wing & ST: Attack Wing Monday Play Nights

    Great Escape Games

    Mondays are to be a day for X-Wing and Star Trek: Attack Wing at Great Escape Games! Come on out and fly your way around. When: March 3, 2014 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm Where: Great Escape Games, 1250 Howe Avenue #3a, Sacramento,CA 95825 Whether you are a Star Wars fan, Star Trek fan, a miniatures gamer, or any combo of the above, we have open play night for both of these great miniatures games, X-Wing and Star Trek Attack Wing! It's free to play, so come... Hosted by Jason, http://www.meetup.com/Sacramento-Star-Wars-X-Wing-Miniatures/members/27831262/