• Sewing and crafting and fixing with Amtgards and Pirates and others, oh my!

    Every Wednesday night, 5 pm to 9 pm, the Amtgards and some of the Pirates and few random others get together to sew costumes, make/repair foam weapons and work on various other projects, and they are happy to have others join them to share in the big open useful space afforded by the back warehouse at Great Escape Games. So if you got stuff to work on and would rather work on it around people and get out of the house, or need some more room to spread out, or want to pick someone's brain, or want to find out more about Amtgard or Pirates, or need to do some gaming shopping, or just about any excuse you can think of, feel free to come on over to Great Escape Games near the corner of Howe and Hurley! If you've never been there, there store can be kinda hard to find the first time, it's in the backside of the shopping center, on the right side of it. 1250 Howe Avenue, Ste. A. greatescapegames.com

  • LGBT Game Group

    Coffee Garden

    Meets 3rd Wednesday of the month every month from 7 pm to 9 pm

  • monthly mixer for Davis Burners

    Delta of Venus Coffee Shop

    Calling all Burning Man aficionados and Friends of Burning Man! The time has come to gather in Davis. Come out and meet some fellow Burners and would be Burners! We invite you to the inaugural monthly mixer for Davis Burners at Delta of Venus 122 B Street Davis, CA 95616 (530)[masked] Starting February 22, come meet other Burners in your community, talk about Burner-related topics, local events, art projects and what matters to you! To kick things off, Davera Gabriel will do a **very** brief presentation, entitled: “What the heck is up with tickets?” …followed by an open discussion on the new ticket system, getting or reselling your tickets and other thoughts or concerns you burners may have. Let’s see if we can put our heads together and sift through the lottery dust. Also bring your ideas for future meetups at DoV: we want to hear them!! Mark your calendars, and then tell your friends, camp mates, soul mates, play mates… about the upcoming meetings, 3rd Wednesdays from 7 to 10p at Delta of Venus February 22 March 21 April 18 May 16 June 20

  • Geeks Who Drink Pub Quiz at Capitol Garage!!!

    Capitol Garage

    You may have smelt him at Karma Brew, heckled him at Alley Katz, but now he's all yours every week at Captiol Garage!!!! That's right, Geeks Who Drink Pub Quiz has a new Quizmaster at Capitol Garage!!!! The format stays the same, just add a lot more foul language and random music on breaks. It is 8 rounds of Quizzy goodness, with 5 separate opportunities to win a free beer, as well as gift cards for the first and second place teams. If there are enough teams there even is a third place prize. So come on out to what is one of the best Pub Quizes on the grid!!!! And make sure to say Hi to Josh (He doesn't bite....much)!!!

  • Drink & Draw!

    Fox & Goose Pub and Restaurant

    The purpose of this event is to bring the creative community of Sacramento together and have a few pints at the same time. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or a seasoned vet, have a comic or manga style, traditional artist or graf artist. We just want to hang out with people like ourselves and hopefully make some friends along the way. Every third Thursday of the month.

  • Friday Night Magic

    Comics & Collectibles

    These Tournaments will also be part of our year long Armory Wars series. Points from these tournaments and every tournament until the end of the year will decide who wins the axe!

  • Historical German Longsword Group

    Mission North Park

    Tired of pretending? You want to know what the masters knew? Now is your chance! Sacramento HEMA is looking for students. We are part of a movement to recapture the historical European martial arts, the real martial arts, not Hollywood. Master like Liechtenaur, Meyer, Faulkner, Ringeck, and Liberi left their knowledge written in treatises for the ages to study. You can be part of it. We practice Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), starting from the writings of Liechtenauer and Ringeck. Our weapon of choice is the German longsword. Let’s get together and learn what has been lost. We meet weekly. Aaron Harmon can be reached at [masked]. For more info: http://sactohema.com/ (http://sactohema.blogspot.com/)

  • Amtgard -- Thor's Refuge -- every Sunday noon at Fair Oaks Park

    https://www.facebook.com/events/309762165785520 If you want to play Medieval boffer sports in the Sacramento area, consider coming out to Fair Oaks park. We play every Sunday at 12:00pm. The Sacramento Amtgard group is called Thor's Refuge and I encourage you to come out because you get to hit people with foam swords! It's a form of live action role play. There are different classes that you can play such as Healer, Scout, Druid, Assassin, Monk, Anti-Paladin, Archer, Barbarian, Bard, Warrior, Wizard and yeah. There's all type of people on the field. So come out and play and check it out!

  • Axis & Allies and Wargaming in Davis -- by RSVP only

    Due to special events and festivals in Davis which affect availability of meeting places and parking, please contact me to schedule a date and time for a game. Whether you are a veteran player or just curious and want to learn more about Axis & Allies or other historical strategy board games -- Come on down and start or join a game. Its Free and friendly lessons given -- or bring your own game and teach us. ** Can schedule a noon start upon RSVP request. **

  • RPG meet and greet

    A-1 Comics

    Hello everyone! If you're interested in RPGs, I'm running a little event where we talk about RPGs, get to know each other, and then try to play a little adventure. The main purpose is to try to find GMs, that we can network and function as a middle man between player and GM so as to eliminate the stress of trying to find a group on your own. It's still really small with only a couple of GMs, but its picking up rather quickly within this past month of starting this endeavor. We'll be meeting at A-1 Comics in Roseville on Sundays for the time being until we can find a more accommodating place. Space here is limited as there are card tournaments taking place, and most of the space, so we've only ever been able to claim one table. With that in mind it could get packed, but I'd still like to meet people on an individual basis and just get to know them. Bis bald!