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Interested in Learning Dust 1947 Miniature Game
Anyone interested in learning Dust 1947 miniature game. This is an alternate World War 2 game where the Axis have discovered alien technology in the 1930s. The war progresses as it did historically, but the armies are now infused with advanced technology. It's a fast and exciting tabletop miniature game. The models for the line are available in kit form (like Warhammer) but can also be purchased as built models that are just primed or fully built and professionally painted models. The rules and unit cards (similar to a codex in Warhammer) are all available free for download, so learning the game has no investment cost. We have a group of Dust 1947 players that meet regularly at Great Escape Games, and for garage games. We have plenty of extra armies and would be glad to show interested players the ropes of the game. Please reach out if you are interested. We would love to get new players into the group.

Great Escape Games

1250 Howe Avenue behind shopping center · Sacramento, CA

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