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We play all kinds of games-German strategy games, tradeable cardgames, "party games" such as Clue, Scrabble, Backgammon, miniature battles, pretty much anything. Bring any game you want, and more than likely somebody will be interested in playing it!

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pull up a chair eXpo-ish

Sacramento Youth Center

Join in an afternoon of beer, food, games, community, and fun!
... and support a good cause

Guests and Sponsors include:
- Shane Q (Season 17 of The Voice)
- Natomas Evolution (Local music school performing hits from the Foo Fighters)
- New Glory Craft Brewing
- Campus Brewing
- LogOff Brewing
- King Cong Brewing
- Loadid Burgers
- Beer Rocks Bites
- Burlys Beverages
- Time2Tabletop
- A-1 Comics
- Great Escape Games
- Toy Fusion
- Scattered Comics
- Taurus Comics
- Sector 7 Salon
- Blue Blocks Podcast

Tickets available now only $15 ... https://time2tabletop.ticketspice.com/puacxish

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