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What we’re about

A safe container to explore, ask questions, and meet like-minded beings.

Sexuality is an important part of being human.

Our sexual energy is our life force, our creative force.

Each one of us can learn to cultivate it balancing body, mind and spirit, and bringing more pleasure, relaxation and bliss into our lives. More love and creativity.

Imagine your life like that.

Imagine your partnerships like that.

Imagine our whole world like that!

When we gather as a group, we can learn from one another, speak and be heard, see and be seen, and practice the new things we are learning with others who are on a similar path.

Plus together we can create an expansive field of light.

Let’s co-create a space where we can explore these issues so we can grow more sovereign and connected over time together - as individuals, in our partnerships, and as a community.

Each evening we will circle up and introduce ourselves, have a learning, and then have an opportunity to practice, explore and share.

We gather in a beautiful location in central Austin near Lamar and Barton Springs, Casa de Luz Village.

If this resonates with you, you are warmly invited to join us.

We hope to see you soon!

Here is some important info to review before you attend:

Comfort. We want you to be comfortable so please bring your favorite mats, blankets, cushions, bolsters or pillows for floor. Chairs are available as well!

We don't just talk - we want you to experience something new and learn something about yourself each time you join us. We stay fully clothed. For some practices, we might touch one another, only with full consent. You can always opt out of a practice if you choose. We get asked if people have sex in our meet ups - NO. This is not a sex party, not that there is anything wrong with those, it is a safe space to learn more about yourself with cool people.

Asking for what you want. There is no better way of getting exactly what we need than asking for it. We spend a lot of time in this group learning how to ask for what we want. One of the main elements of safety is developing the skill of making a direct request.

Setting your limits. In this group we are always exploring new and interesting things. Some things might make you uncomfortable. Being able to say no to things you don't want is just as important as asking for what you want. This is also a key element to safety. Keep in mind it is not unkind to tell somebody "no."

Do not touch other members without permission. If you do, we will ban you from future events.

Discretion. Some members may not want their friends, family or co-workers knowing they attend our events. Do not out them. When you are out and about and you see somebody who you have seen at our events, just say "hello, I saw you at the event" not "the Sacred Sexuality event." This gives the person a chance to reply "yes, the Sacred Sexuality event" which opens the door for you to discuss what may have happened during the event. Or they can choose to reply "yes, the event" indicating that they do not want to discuss details about the event in front of their current company.

Openness. This is a place of complete honesty and non judgment. Please express yourself and your views. With the foundations of safety and discretion, we create a space where we can be free to express and explore any issue without fear of reprisal.

Punctuality. The doors are locked until almost 7pm for every event because we are setting the space. Doors open at 7pm. We have 15 minutes of meet and greet time which is a buffer for anybody who is running late. After 7:15pm, we lock the doors and we do not admit anyone after 7:15. This helps set a solid container with minimal interruptions to the organizers, presenters and you, the attendees.

Community. Safety, discretion, openness, punctuality and community are all pillars of the community we are building. We encourage you to be kind and love one another. We love all of you. We look forward to having fun and exploring sacred sexuality with you.

Group Policies
Explore, be real, open, express yourself, be kind, cherish otherness.
Ask for what you want.
Say no to what you don't want.
Don't do anything you don't want to do.
Don't touch others unless they agree.
Don't identify others outside the group unless they agree.

Your Host
Hi, I'm River!  I will be your host at Sacred Sexuality Austin.
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