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Golden Phoenix --- 713-501-8139        Houston Shamanism

Welcome to SACRED CIRCLE Shamanism and Metaphysical Meetup of Houston. We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting! 

We are shamanic practitioners, healers, and spiritual teachers and leaders who gather twice monthly to offer shamanic trance journeys, perform drum medicine ceremonies, and host mini-workshops and classes. We discuss a wide variety of topics including shamanism, energy healing, earth based spirituality, the metaphysical and the paranormal. We welcome and respect all positive belief systems and religions, and people of good will. 

All events are drug-free and alcohol-free. No psychotropic plant "medicines" are used in any of our shamanic ceremonies. For HOUSTON SHAMANISM and SACRED CIRCLE meetups, bring a drum and rattle if you have one, a bottle of water, a blanket or pillow to sit on and a journal and pen if you would like to record your experiences. You may also bring any personal objects to place on the shaman's mesa for charging. 

A $10.00 donation amount is suggested to help support our beautiful and comfortable, church venue, as well as to replace and repair drumming equipment. Some events have limited space so please RSVP for all. Feel free to contact either of your hosts if you require more information. We look forward to seeing you!

Golden Phoenix 713-501-8139

Owl Medicine Woman 281-851-0596

*****We are not a dating, advertising, sales, entertainment, or promotional group. We ask that ALL members or guests refrain from networking for personal gain or business purposes during our meetings. THIS RULE WILL BE ENFORCED.

Our members safety and privacy is a top priority and personal information and emails are never disclosed. We would like our attendees to be aware of people approaching them, falsely claiming to be "friends" of the hosts in an attempt to encourage them to join questionable groups or activities. We do not endorse any specific group or persons at this time. If you are approached at one of our meetings, please let your hosts know immediately as this behavior is not allowed. 

Disruptions, outbursts, arguing with hosts or guests, and other "drama" during ceremonies will not be tolerated. Our gatherings are planned and prepared for weeks, if not months in advance; therefore, we do not permit impromptu additions of prayers, songs, or lectures to our ceremonies. If you have a song or ceremony you would like to share with the group, please discuss this with us in advance. If it is in alignment with our core principles and values, we may schedule your short presentation at a future date. 

We are a drug-free and alcohol-free event. Do not attend if you are under the influence. 
Violators of any of these rules or guidelines may be banned from attending any and all SACRED CIRCLE or HOUSTON SHAMANISM events. 

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