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What we’re about

We have come to remember who we are. We have come to reclaim the power within, to live in the fullness of our true being. We have come to live in joy. Our vision in gathering all together is to support our healing journeys by not only honoring plant medicines but also to bring what we have learned and remembered via these journeys back to the real world, to our everyday lives. We aim to find ceremony in our everyday life, in every step, every moment, every word, and every thought, with or without medicine.

We intentionally use the word “medicine” when we speak about sacred plants. This is because our opinion is that this work deserves reverence and respect. We engage this work consciously and with awareness of the profound changes we are making, not just in our own lives, but in the lives of those around us. When we invite the sacred plants into our lives, we do so so we can learn from them, grow with them, and from their divine wisdom, encounter the wisdom alive within each of us.

We do not support plants being used recreationally, to “get high” or have “a trip”, nor do we support the plants being administered by anyone who does not have proper training, experience, and intention.

Those with any experience in this world of plants and shamanism have heard the word “integration” and how important it is in this work. But what does “integration” mean? How do we integrate and apply our inner wisdom to the happenings around and within us? How do we dissolve the seeming separation between the world of spirit and the “real world”?

We are here simply to share our knowledge and experience and to create safe, sacred space for each of you to reconnect to the medicine/answers/wisdom/truth within yourselves and with each other. We offer a connection to a community of like-hearted beings who are offering their wisdom and tools to advance the whole on this path of awakening.

We believe in transparency and honesty because we all carry the medicine within. Each of us has a unique and equally important gift to offer. Everyone has vision. Everyone holds a special space in the circle of ceremony, in the larger circle that is Life.
There are no secrets on the path to awakening. There is only truth, and that truth is for everyone to share.

We envision a life for all where we wake up each day feeling connected, guided and at ease. Feeling real and true to who we are and what is passing through us. Feeling clear and with a sense of purpose.

We envision living the awakeness to the Truth.
The Truth that: I AM Whole, I AM Love, I AM Free.

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