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Even if you are not vegan yet, our main goal is to meet other kind, compassionate, and healthy seeking people monthly at various times of the the month for potlucks and/or presentations, speakers, educational DVDs. We also have monthly dine outs, fitness excursions, book clubs and any other ideas you have regarding health, animal welfare and earth sustainablilty. When we have potlucks or snacks, please bring a plant based or vegan dish or snack (no dairy or eggs) to our potlucks so that everyone can eat all the dishes. We do not want to include eggs, dairy, or meat as we do not want to contribute to the suffering or early death of egg laying chickens or dairy cows.

THIS meetup group is for EVERYONE interested in becoming compassionate and healthy too. This is for YOU and we make this successful by joining here together to make our events successful! We NEED you to make our compassionate and healthy vegan movement move ahead!! Thank you for joining us no matter where you are on your path to a vegan lifestyle! Our cooking classes can help you transiiton to VEGAN!!! We look forward to meeting you!! WE ALSO APPRECIATE IT YOU COULD BRING OIL FREE SNACKS OR DISHES SO WE VEGANS CAN KEEP OUR HEARTS HEALTHY AND KEEP IDEAL BODY WEIGHT FOR HEALTH. (If you want to know why we omit added oils like olive oil, coconut oil, and all vegetable oils, please email me, Linda, at veganmentor@gmail.com).

Our members care about their health, animal welfare and protection of the earth. It is free to sign up with us on Sac Vegan Society Meetup. If you can, we appreciate donations to help us keep our society thriving. You can donate by using veganmentor@gmail.com on paypal. Thank you for any amount!Please visit our website: http://www.sacramentovegansociety.com

To email the Organizer: Linda Middlesworth: veganmentor@gmail.com

If you want to see a great short clip of why we all need to be vegan, please watch:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GrbYVsK7vs& -

Upcoming events (4+)

Dineout: Himalaya Vegan Organic Restaurant

Needs a location

Hi Friends,
I hope you can try our newest restuarant. AND, upon request, we can get OIL FREE. I am really looking forward to seeing you there! Really fresh and lovely food! Once I know how many will be attending, I will call and ask for oil free. Our dineout last thursday was fantastic! Please RSVP early as I must cut it off at 25 people. AND, IF YOU RSVP, and decide NOT to attend, please have the curtesy to cancel on our meetup. It is only FAIR for the restaurant to have an exact count.
Thank you!


Needs a location

Event happening from August 20th and 21st

8am to 3pm on both days


Gir Scouts Troop # 674
Animal Habitat Fundraiser[masked]

RESCUE (G01 C3 )


The N.O.S.e Weekly Dinner group (No Oil Saturday evening)

Needs a location

Welcome to our No Oil Saturday evening group (N.0.S.e).
This group, much like our No Oil Wednesday Luncheon group (N.O.W.) is looking like a success. Management just sets a long table aside for us. The wait staff is excellent. They remembers what several of us like to drink and sets the drink out for those people when they arrive. Reminds me of being on a cruise. We are starting to figure out what we each like and the waiter is starting to recommend certain substitutions for our oil free requirements.
A lot of people really wanted to come and enjoy the fellowship of our N.O.W group, but could not make a luncheon time. That's why we started this group. We get lot of the Luncheon group and a whole bunch on New people.
This is going to conflict once in while with another Meetups, but that’s all right. Gives us WFPB NOS people more choice. How great is that. Now that COVID is over, gone are the days where we could not find like minded people to dine and spent time with.
So if you are interested or have already started on a Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle this is for you. Very informal, no introductions, no name tags, just a group of interesting people who are more that willing to share their sometimes inspiring experiences as well at some tips and tricks for every day living. We have several mixed marriages, so if your spouse is not yet on board with WFPB, they will be some one they can relate to. You can get as much or little support as you wish.
No need to respond, Just show up. We are there EVERY Saturday. Usually between 8 to 30 show up, so you can fit right in.

Cancer Survival: Food for Life Nutrition Class + ZEST KITCHEN Dineout

Needs a location

Hi friends,
Please join me for Cancer Prevention and Survival Class. I am a Certified Food for LIfe Nutrition and Cooking Instructor, Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine, Dr. Neal Barnard. I teach this class at local colleges and I would like you to attend the Cancer Class at the wonderful ZEST Kitchen!

  • Before you arrive, please order your food! I will begin the class as soon as everyone is eating their meal. You will learn about foods that help you prevent and survive cancer. We have a video with Dr. Neal Barnard to watch.

There is no charge. Please, if you RSVP, show up as I need to give Angelelique an exact number of people who she will be serving. Also, sweet Ruben Guzman is going to help me set up the camera and TV.

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