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Sahaja yoga is an easy and very effective way of meditation. It starts with awakening of your inner energy Kundalini and gives you a great feeling of peace and harmony from the very first class. It's a real experience of meeting your true self, your Spirit; seeing your problems: emotional, physical, mental, and being able to solve them yourself with simple techniques that Sahaja yoga provides.

Even a short term practice of Sahaja yoga meditation positively changes you, giving you joy, inner satisfaction, self-confidence, filling you up with Divine love and compassion for others. And if you continue to meditate you become a more balanced person who stays quiet and cheerful no matter what. You become less prone to stress, you control your thinking because you learn how to reach the state of thoughtless awareness. You enjoy being in the present moment and therefore become a happier person.

Sahaja yoga was founded by Nirmala Shrivastava (Shri Mataji) in 1970, it's a method of mass self-realization when those who have had their Kundalini awakened can give Self-realization on to others. It's everyone right to get Self-realization since Kundalini resides in every human being in a Sacrum bone in a dormant state. And it is free of charge.

Feeling your Kundalini raising and cleansing you inside is a wonderful experience and it's a joy to share it with other people who have a pure desire to grow spiritually. It's a practice that we do individually (at home or in the nature) and collectively. Once a week we meet to meditate together and it gives a much stronger feeling of Cool Breeze on our palms which we enjoy so much.

Please contact us to learn more. It will be a pleasure to answer your questions!

Rest of introduction in form of a poetry :)

Free Sahaja Yoga Guided Meditation
Founded in 1970 by 'Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi'
Sahaja Yoga is a simple but profound technique and always free
Just with pure desire we get meditative once we awaken our Divine energy

Depression and stress are fruits of modernity
Techniques are shared that help when practiced with regularity
Sorrow just peel off when in meditative witness state and purity
Be with meditative people with noble pursuits to shed social anxiety

Sahaja Yoga is a meditation very social with spiritual growth achieved in collectivity
In balanced and joyous state eliminate loneliness with spiritual solidarity

Life transformation does not come with sermons or postures with no durability
Work on inner system roots, water with pure desire and shine some Divinity
In Sahaja Yoga meditation following just comes, like a seed that just germinates
Metaphysics, Consciousness, Self improvement, self empowerment, mindfulness and mental clarity

Meditation is not a pill but a plant needing nourishment with sincerity

While we cannot predict through meditation what heights you will achieve in life
Our heart felt desire is to always share joy and knowledge in simplicity
Our experiences say you will not be ordinary any more, shaken easily by any rife

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