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Do you want Balance in your Life? Come to our free 7- Weeks Meditation Course
With all the rush in our lives, we often feel like we cannot find our inner balance. We either feel stressed or anxious about what needs to be done, and cannot find a moment’s rest. However, with meditation, one can easily find a solution to our constant stress and anxiety. Join us for a free 7-week course that will show how to feel peaceful in any situation, and feel like a new person. Sahaja Yoga Meditation is an effective, natural, and easy method to achieve inner balance, peace, and contentment, better health and improved all-round well-being. And all our classes are completely free of charge. In this seven-week course for beginners, we will comprehensively cover the basics of our inner being, with a focus on achieving and sustaining the state of meditation. You are welcome to attend only those classes you can make it to: each class is presented as an independent module, and there is always an introduction to the basics, and a guided meditation. Whichever session you attend, you will be able to try meditating at home straight away. Week 1: The basics of meditation; awakening your inner energy. Learn how to feel like a child again. How to raise your inner energy, and how to meditate at home. Week 2: Find out how to be more creative. Balancing techniques. Week 3: Become satisfied and become your own master. Balancing your subtle system. Week 4: Overcoming your fears, and recognizing your true self. Balancing your heart chakra. Week 5: Learn to communicate better, and achieve the witness state. Harness your witnessing powers in the face of adversity. Week 6: Open and calm your mind. Develop the state of absolute silence. Week 7: Find out how meditation makes you a more global personality. Feeling lasting peace, and becoming knowledgeable about how to be always in the state of meditation Call us if you have any question[masked] See you soon.

12317 15th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98125

12317 15th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98125 · Seattle, Wa

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Have you ever wanted to meditate? We are a loosely organized multicultural group of people, who love meditating together. We pooled our resources to open a meditation center where the people of Seattle and the surrounding areas can relax and meditate completely free of charge. The Seattle Sahaja Meditation Center is located in the Northgate area at 12317 15th Ave NE at NE 125th St.

We are open to people of all backgrounds and beliefs. We enjoy sharing new techniques in the art of Sahaja Meditation. Our programs are conducted in a peaceful environment; music is sometimes used to promote a calm atmosphere. Meditations are guided by volunteer instructors and are designed to accommodate the group. Affirmations, gestures and simple attention exercises are used to enhance the experience. Individual assistance is always available, and people are encouraged and empowered to meditate at home. While the actual experience of meditation forms the core of these sessions, there may also be discussions of related topics. There's also plenty of opportunity to enjoy casual conversations and share experiences with others.

The Seattle Sahaja Meditation Center offers an interesting variety of meditation programs. Monday nights are about learning wonderful new techniques that will help us clear our minds and emotions and deepen our meditations. Tuesday mornings there is Meditation for Moms and Babies. Tuesday evenings enjoy a music and meditation session. Fridays, it’s Gung Fu style tea time, followed by meditation and games. On Saturdays at 4 pm, join us for Mind Space, a time to clear your head, rest your mind and experience peace. Saturday evening finishes with a program for all levels of meditators. All programs are free of charge and no pre-registration is required.

Learn to master your thoughts and quiet your mind with this unique style of meditation. Inner balance and stress-reduction accompanies the practice of Sahaja Meditation. The ability to quickly and easily go into a state of true meditation - and experience its benefits - differentiates Sahaja Meditation from other forms of meditation. With practice, individuals are able to restore mental, physical and emotional balance and achieve a state of well-being, serenity and fulfillment. With Sahaja Meditation you can access the subtle inner energy that resides within you, connecting you to your inner self, helping you to know yourself and to find greater value and purpose in your life.

Sahaja Meditation is a non-profit organization offering free meditation throughout the US. For more information please visit our website: or call us at (206) 486-6526.

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