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When you join live instructor-led sessions online, you benefit from the collective energy and engagement of other live meditators across the Seattle area.

Visit us at Sahaja Yoga Meditation Seattle (https://meditate-seattle.org/)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all our in-person Meetups and programs are currently online.

As always, all our Meetups, programs and classes either in-person or online are always free of charge.

We are a loosely organized multicultural group of people, who love meditating together. We pooled our resources to open a meditation center where the people of Seattle and the surrounding areas can relax and meditate completely free of charge. The Seattle Sahaja Meditation Center, located in the Northgate area at 12317 15th Ave NE at NE 125th St, is currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We normally offer an interesting variety of in-person meditation programs so we'll see you in person when the pandemic is over!

We are open to people of all backgrounds and beliefs. We enjoy sharing new techniques in the art of Sahaja Meditation. Our programs are conducted in a peaceful environment; music is sometimes used to promote a calm atmosphere. Meditations are guided by volunteer instructors and are designed to accommodate the group. Affirmations, gestures and simple attention exercises are used to enhance the experience. Individual assistance is always available, and people are encouraged and empowered to meditate at home. While the actual experience of meditation forms the core of these sessions, there may also be discussions of related topics.

Learn to master your thoughts and quiet your mind with this unique style of meditation. Inner balance and stress-reduction accompanies the practice of Sahaja Meditation. The ability to quickly and easily go into a state of true meditation - and experience its benefits - differentiates Sahaja Yoga Meditation from other forms of meditation. With practice, individuals are able to restore mental, physical and emotional balance and achieve a state of well-being, serenity and fulfillment. With Sahaja Yoga Meditation you can access the subtle inner energy that resides within you, connecting you to your inner self, helping you to know yourself and to find greater value and purpose in your life.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation is a non-profit organization offering free meditation throughout the US. For more information please visit Sahaja Yoga (https://us.sahajayoga.org/)

For more information visit Sahaja Yoga Meditation Seattle (https://meditate-seattle.org/) or call us at (206) 486-6526

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We Meditate/ Sahaja Yoga - new free online event

Online event

In a time when our social interactions are limited, and societal norms are being challenged, we’re all seeking to unite - but with what, and how? This class will share what meditation is and how it can help. Meditation can be combined with your movement yoga, walking, being outdoors. It works everywhere to make each moment more joyful, full of love and confidence. live meditations Weds at 7PM weekly https://wemeditate.co/live/westcoast check out the website https://wemeditate.co anytime

Thursdays Relax and Nourish Your Body, Mind & Spirit Through Meditation

Join us for deep, relaxing guided meditation and in-depth discussion about chakras and subtle energies in our body. Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/9819705879?pwd=TkI4cWVjU1I3U0t5R2d6SHdhTXo5UT09 Meeting ID:[masked] Password: Meditation Live on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/Yogameditationnews or: https://www.facebook.com/sahajameditationseattle Website: https://meditate-seattle.org/

Guided Meditation for all Moms

Online event

Calling all moms! Join us for a FREE 30 min Guided Meditation session every Saturday, at 9:00 am PST starting August 8th, 2020. Get de-stressed, recharged, and balanced. We are creating this Meditation space for moms 💟 to help: 🤲 create a supportive community of moms who can come together and meditate 🤲 build meditation routine 🤲 implement self-care, and take a pause in hectic lives 🤲 bring calmness and balance that can reflect on kids and family 🤲 share experiences and learn to grow in this journey together Join us on Zoom Meeting : https://us02web.zoom.us/j/9819705879?pwd=TkI4cWVjU1I3U0t5R2d6SHdhTXo5UT09 Meeting ID:[masked] Passcode:[masked]

Sunday Morning Meditation- Enjoy Techniques to Improve Your Meditation

Guided Meditation, every Sunday, at 11:00 am PST Everyone has the potential to become the best version of themselves. All you need is the tools. Meditation i an enjoyable way to correct any imbalances and remove obstacles which prevent us from feeling our true inner self full of peace and joy. Each week with our guided meditation, we will practice techniques to improve our meditation by strengthening the flow of our inner balancing energy and clearing blockages in chakras, our energy centers. There will be time to share. This is both enjoyable and very effective. Please feel free to join! Join us on Zoom https://us02web.zoom.us/j/9819705879?pwd=TkI4cWVjU1I3U0t5R2d6SHdhTXo5UT09 Meeting ID:[masked] Passcode:[masked]

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Mondays Feel Inner Peace

Online event

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