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What we’re about

       This is a group for anyone who is interested in sailing, camping, kayaking, and snorkeling. All skill levels are welcomed. Sailing is a very good sport for you to build teamwork, and to share ideas. With a sailing trip, you can enjoy the green side of this city, help relieve stress and to get some inspirations for a mindful living. 

        這是一個對帆船運動、露營、獨木舟、浮潛等活動有興趣的朋友都可以加入的群組 / 社團 ,無論你目前的運動程度在哪裡,都很歡迎你的加入。帆船是一項充滿團隊合作與創意分享的運動,在一趟航行過程中,能夠享受香港除了大都會之外的另一面、釋放平日的生活壓力,並且為生活找到更多靈感以及更佳的平衡。