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This is a group for anyone who is interested in sailing, camping, kayaking, and snorkeling. All skill levels are welcomed. Sailing is a very good sport for you to build teamwork, and to share ideas. With a sailing trip, you can enjoy the green side of this city, help relieve stress and to get some inspirations for a mindful living. I started this group because I love to meet other outdoor enthusiasts like myself so to learn from one other. I believe Hong Kong is not a city only for shopping, clubbing and trading. What do you think? I look forward to sailing with you guys in Hong Kong..^_^.. (Edited by Mandy Man)


這是一個對帆船運動、露營、獨木舟、浮潛等活動有興趣的朋友都可以加入的群組 / 社團 ,無論你目前的運動程度在哪裡,都很歡迎你的加入。帆船是一項充滿團隊合作與創意分享的運動,在一趟航行過程中,能夠享受香港除了大都會之外的另一面、釋放平日的生活壓力,並且為生活找到更多靈感以及更佳的平衡。對我而言,香港不該僅止於是個適合購物的地方、一個充滿夜生活的城市,或是貿易之都,而是有著更多美好生活的可能性。你是否也同意呢?藉由帆船活動,我期待與更多的朋友一起探索另一種不同風貌的香港。 (Translated by Jamie QH)

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Meteor Shower Nite 2019

Pak Sha Wan Public Pier (Hebe Haven Pier)

雙子座流星雨是每年最可觀的流星雨之一,活躍於每年12 月初至12 月中。預測本年度的雙子座流星雨高峰期為12 月14 日晚上約8 時30 分,天頂每時出現率為120。在高峰當日,流星雨的輻射點約在晚上7 時30 分在東北面升出地平綫,至約凌晨2 時30 分到達天頂。當日適逢上弦月,月亮約於晚上11時30 分西沉,市民可於12 月14 日晚至日出前欣賞是次流星雨。 The Geminid meteor shower is one of the most spectacular meteor showers of the year and it is active during the period from early Dec to mid – Dec. The peak is expected to occur at about 8:30 pm on Dec 14th, with a Zenith Hourly Rate (ZHR) of 120. The radiant of this shower will rise above the horizon in the northeast at about 7:30 pm and reach the zenith at about 2:30 am during the peak. As the first quarter Moon will come on that day, the Moon will set at around 11:30 pm. Citizens may observe the meteor shower from the night of Dec 14th till before sunrise. P.S. information from LCSD site Hello! 我地將於2019年12月14日15:00 係白沙灣碼頭上船去睇流星雨,希望到時我地可以睇到好多流星雨啦... ^ __ ^ ....船長會係船上連夜為我地工作(呢樣唔係容易既事 ^^)所以,我地需要為佢準備晚餐架。。回程方面,我地會係12月15日早上10點左右返到同一上船地點。如果有興趣嘅朋友仔,請向我發訊息査詢有關費用和付款方式,謝謝!! We are getting onboard at 15:00 on 14th Dec 2019, PAK SHA WAN PIER. Staying onboard for the meteor shower, hopefully we can see a lot of starsssss ...^__^... Since skipper will work for us overnight onboard (it is not an easy job), we need to prepare dinner for him. We will get back to the same boarding location around 10am on 15th Dec 2019. Please feel free to message me about fees & payment method. Thx

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