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What we’re about

We define skepticism as an evidence-based approach to claims. Responsible skeptics accept or reject claims on the basis of evidence, and remain open to reconsideration should new evidence emerge. To paraphrase Skeptics Society president Michael Shermer, the skeptic’s goal is neither to debunk nor disbelieve, but to know.

Salt City Skeptics is more of a social group than an educational or activist one. One evening each month, we gather for (optional) food and drink. There is no program or agenda; we simply visit. It’s an opportunity for rational thinkers to meet, get acquainted, catch up, and remember they’re not alone.

If the person next to you moves to another seat, don’t take it personally. Topics are all over the board, and it’s not unusual for people to move around in order to take in as many conversations as possible.

We call the evening Drinking Skeptically, though that’s something of a misnomer. The venue has a full menu with salads, entrees, et al, and offers soft drinks (even water!) besides beer and wine. Many people order nothing at all, and no one looks at them funny.

The evening may sound like utter confusion. Fair enough. Some love it, some don’t. Why not join us and see for yourself? Here are the details:

DAY AND TIME: Second Wednesday of the month, 7-ish p.m. till 9:30-ish.

WHERE: Fiddler’s Elbow, 1063 East 2100 South, Salt Lake City (801-463-9393). Must be over 21 or over, ID required. They are strict about that.

FOOD AND DRINK: There’s a full menu, but ordering is optional. Enjoying one another’s company is mandatory.

PROGRAM: Don’t be ridiculous. We sit down, we open our mouths (usually all at once), and let chaos reign.

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