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What we’re about

Regulars and newbies welcome! The goal of this group is to develop friendships, and a local community focused on tea. High quality Chinese teas have special properties that foster a sense of calm alertness and even a mild euphoria. You can actually get "drunk" on tea if it's good enough!

Tea will be served in the traditional Chinese Gong Fu style, and each tea will have several steepings. Every steeping changes the character of the tea and allows you to appreciate the complexity of each tea that we try.

Every other Sunday I host a Gong Fu tasting event at my home in Downtown San Antonio. For most of the events I charge a $5 fee. This serves the purpose of ensuring that the people who come to events are serious about tea. This is important to me as I am inviting random strangers from the internet to my home! Overall my experience with guests has been great and everyone who has attended these events have been a wonderful guests.

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