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What we’re about

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What we are: Founded in 1976, the Camping Bares is a diverse, family-oriented social group of warm, friendly, open-minded people who enjoy wholesome clothing-optional activities.
Camping Bares come in all shapes and sizes. Some are families with children; some are married without kids; some are unmarried couples; some are single. We are an all-inclusive group which does not discriminate based on physical appearance, sex, gender, age, marital status, ethnic background, sexual orientation, or religious preference.
We are naturists, a type of nudist. This means members may be nude at club meetings or outdoor activities (where appropriate and weather permitting). Some Camping Bare couples or families include a member who is not a naturist. Those who choose to remain clothed, member or guest, are never pressured to undress as that decision is a private one made by each individual.
The club is affiliated with The Naturist Society (TNS), a national umbrella organization that supports clothing-optional activities.
What we are not: We are not about sex. We are not swingers. The Camping Bares is not a source to obtain pornographic pictures or videos. We are not a sex club. We are not partner-swappers. We expect proper standards of behavior at all functions. We do not tolerate substance abuse or overt public sexual behavior. We are not into child exploitation. We are not a place to hit on anyone, male or female.
What we do: We try to schedule camping or day hiking events at least once a month. Other activities may include a monthly dinner at a restaurant, skinny dipping at a local clothing-optional beach, visits to natural hot springs, canoeing, house boating, white water rafting, bike rides like the WNBR LA, nude run-walks like the one in San Francisco, the Bay-to-Breakers, short or extended back packing trips, and visits to local nudist resorts such as De Anza Springs Desert Resort
Most events are at no fee except for your personal transportation and supply costs. Events at resorts usually have day use grounds fees and there are rental fees for things like canoes and houseboats. You choose to participate. 
Disorganization: The Camping Bares group is officially disorganized. To be sure, we do have an organization that gets things done, but all are unpaid volunteers. Functional decisions of the Camping Bares are reached by consensus of members present at meetings.
Meetings: We have monthly meetings that are usually held in the homes of our members. Typically they include socializing, club discussions, and potluck meals. The hosts may offer a hot tub and swimming pool for our enjoyment. The hosts determine policy regarding unknown guest visitors. Club business and event coordination is also performed during separate planning meetings, which take place every three months. Smoking is generally prohibited indoors.
Facilities: The Camping Bares is a non-landed group. This means we do not own any real estate. We usually camp on National Forest, Bureau of Land Management (BLM), or State Park lands.
Family Values: Many members find the extended family provided by the Camping Bares to be as important to them as the liberating feeling provided by our clothing-optional activities. Research shows that children who grow up in a nudist setting tend to be self-confident, self-accepting, and sexually well-adjusted. Parents must accompany their children who participate in our activities.
How to join: Joining this meetup is free. You must provide your real name, and a photograph, of your face or top/body. It does not need to be nude. We encourage you to do so we can recognize you at events. Meetup members may attend our events at public facilities such as restaurants, public beaches, and hiking or camping on public lands.
You may attend your first event at a private venue such as someone's home for free but must fill out the attached application form and pay the $ 20 fee to attend further events at private venues. Visit our web site, click on the Application link, click again on the blue Membership Application link, print it, fill it out, sign it, and return the application with a check for $ 20. \

Membership fees include your significant other (partner) and children under age 18 living at the same address. You also have the option of joining the Naturist Society.
Privacy: People who join Camping Bares only via the old paper method have maximum privacy as other members do not have any way of identifying you or contacting you except during our activities. People who join Camping Bares through have a little less privacy. In, people who have joined the Camping Bares may view who the other members are. The Camping Bares meetup group is a semi-private group so people on Meetup who have NOT joined the Camping Bares meetup group CANNOT see who is in the Camping Bares group. You can prevent people from contacting you or seeing your interests or other groups in your Meetup account privacy settings.
The public can only see the name of our group, a general description, a photo and name of the organizer, date and time of upcoming meetups, but they CANNOT see where the meetups take place or who is in the group. The organizer approves new members on a case by case basis, after they have submitted a photo and filled in the profile questions.