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What we’re about

We endeavor to provide networking and knowledge events that will be uniquely effective in initiating valuable professional connections, developing important relationships, increasing influence and leveraging social capital.

It only takes one person to change our personal or professional lives. Undoubtedly, you will make new connections at our events likely to change yours... forever.

This group is intended to provide value for local professionals interested in connecting with and supporting each other in our personal or professional endeavors. Members include, but are not limited to: entrepreneurs, small business owners, corporate executives, company representatives, tech professionals, creative arts professionals, angel and accredited investors, startup experts, revolutionary startup entrepreneurs looking to change the world - or their local community (lean, bootstrap, crowdfunding, or venture capital focused), and people seeking to expand their professional development and/or network. Please remember the words of author and speaker Simon Sinek:

"We do not become great leaders, we do not fulfill our potential when we work to see ourselves grow or rise. It is when we devote ourselves to seeing those around us rise that we actually grow. And when the people we care about also work to see us grow, then they too will grow... The only true way for any of us to grow, to truly fulfill our full potential, is when we work to help others do the same."

We believe the current business environment will continue a transition towards what thought leader Seth Godin refers to as the "connection economy" - where value is increasingly created through the connections we make and less so through industrialism. Every event scheduled will have its own unique opportunities. Every. Single. One.

This group is part of one of the largest business alliances for Southern California entrepreneurs and business professionals - with over 70,000 combined members. Thank you for your consideration in sharing our events with your network, and/or bringing a friend or professional associate to attend with you.

We'll look forward to seeing you sometime soon!  :-)

Doug Means

We provide additional resources and information through our LinkedIn and Facebook groups, located here:

Our events continue the spirit of service to the small business community - and honor the memory - of Southern California business leader Rod Means (1938-2015).

Thank you.

"Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art." - Andy Warhol

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