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Open to new or experienced martial artists. Theory, technique, and realistic fighting applications and exercises for health, vitality, chi, and longevity will be covered. In the future organized classes and retreats will offer long term and intensive training. Seminar and class topics will include Xing Yi, Chen Tai Chi, Splashing Hands Gong Fu, Iron Palm, Tzu Men (poison fingers/character boxing), Chi Gong, Iron Palm, Iron Body Techniques, and more.

My name is Ajay and I have been studying martial arts since I was a child, and internal gong fu since 2005. I continue to learn and refine my practice directly under Sifu James McNeil who teaches in over 30 countries across the world, helps men and women increase their health and longevity, and continues to train daily, even with over 40 years of experience. He has learned some of the oldest traditional systems from some of the highest and most respected martial artists in Taiwan. He has dedicated his life to practicing and spreading the arts given to him. Our Gong Fu has a rich lineage and history and was passed down from the following teachers:

Humea Lefiti, Hsu Hong-Chi, Pan Wing-Chow, Chin Chen-Yin, Chiao Chang-Hung.

Out arts come from the Little Nine Heaven Internal Gong Fu School. Please go to http://www.littlenineheaven.com for more information. We also have a non-profit set up to help preserve the knowledge, lineage, and quality of instruction at www.littlenineheaveninc.org.

If you've ever been curious about learning kung fu or about becoming healthier through a holistic practice, this class is for you. Our systems are not "watered-down" and are taught in the same way they were handed down throughout the generations.
Feel free to directly message me with questions or inquires about private lessons in San Diego.

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Beginners Chi Gong and Xing Yi

Kalmia Street