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Welcome to the San Diego Photography Collective.

We are amateurs up thru professional photographers using film and digital cameras, who enjoy getting together to discuss photography, cameras, photo related topics, goings-on in the photography world & sharing our techniques and expertise, along with exploring and capturing our world with our cameras, as a group and individually.

Join us on our group photography outings to locations of interest throughout San Diego County and beyond, or meet up with us at one of our monthly social get togethers to share your work and for stimulating conversation and discussions.

If you are interested in hosting a photography outing or event, we'll help you set it up.

Newbies are always welcome!

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Upcoming events (3)

DRINK and CLICK San Diego, CA Event with Panasonic and Nelson Photo

San Diego, CA We are going back to your beautiful city. We are bringing Panasonic for this event along with our friends from Nelson Photo. Come join us at this FREE photography event at Bay City Brewing. Date And Time Thursday June 13,[masked]:00 PM – 9:00 PM PDT How the event works? We fill two tables with camera bodies and lenses. You select the camera and lens you want to use. After your camera selection, you can test the camera with the models and lighting we provided or you can take the camera out for your own test around the venue. At the end of the event we raffle away cameras and other goodies. DON'T FORGET TO BRING YOUR OWN SD CARD so you can take your images home. We are also giving a camera away during this event. Don't forget to Bring your SD Card. We are meeting here: Bay City Brewing Co 3760 Hancock St San Diego, CA 92110 You MUST register via this link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/drink-and-click-san-diego-ca-event-with-panasonic-and-nelson-photo-tickets-60965915695?ref=enivtefor001&invite=MTY1NjEyMzgvcGhvdG9ncmFwaHkxMDFAZ21haWwuY29tLzA%3D%0A&utm_source=eb_email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=inviteformalv2&utm_term=attend The event is FREE! Bay City has beer for purchase.

Group Meetup At Museum of Photographic Arts & Photo Participation

MoPA-Museum of Photograpic Arts- Balboa Park

We continue with our quarterly meetings at the Museum of Photographic Arts in Balboa Park, with our latest photography & pot-luck event. The featured Photo Challenge theme is: "In Motion" (up to 3 images per person). Details for sending images are below. Group Photo Exchange & Show 'n' Tell (any subject matter) & Pot Luck!!! ...all night starting at 6:30 - Meeting starts at 7:00 Cash (or check) donations in lieu of bringing food are welcome. ••••••• When entering, look for the signs directing you to either the elevator or the stairs. If you are lost, call Dan:[masked] This is a world class, state of the art facility and we look forward to collaborating with the museum each month. Our members will have the chance to become MOPA members at special rates, but you do NOT have to be a MOPA member to attend the monthly meetings. Event will run from 6:30-8:30 (and possibly slightly later depending on the circumstances). Please arrive ON TIME! so we can begin immediately. NOTE: Attendance is limited to 50 members (plus waiting list). As rsvp cancellations are posted, you'll move up on the attending list. The facility uses a drop-down projection screen and we'll have use of the museum's projection equipment for our digital slide shows. We will continue the POT LUCK format and attendees are encouraged to bring food & drink (beer/wine are permitted) to the meetings. You should list what you'll be bringing, in the message portion of the event page on the designated thread. If you choose NOT to bring something for the pot luck, you can always make a cash/check donation at the meeting. NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT start new threads for food/drink postings. Use the existing thread. I encourage you to check out the museum's website to see what they offer: http://www.mopa.org (http://www.mopa.org/) •••••••••••••••••••• Monthly Photo Challenge. Use your imagination and don't be afraid to think outside the box. Remember: ALL members are invited to participate, even if you do not attend the meeting. This meeting's image challenge is "In Motion". That means that you get to contribute up to 3 images with "In Motion" as the theme. Subject matter for your image is entirely up to you. The images will be projected on screen digitally for everyone to enjoy. Send your images to Mike P. at: [masked] Image size should be not more than 2000 px in either direction (or 2-4 megapixels). Include your name & challenge title in the file title. [sample]:mikesmithbigandsmall001.jpg Please include the Challenge name in the subject line in your email. NOTE: 2:00pm Image DEADLINE! To give Mike time to create the slideshow. Entries sent the day of the meetup may NOT make it into the presentation. Questions relating to the theme, file sizes, etc. can also be directed to Mike. •••••••••••••••••••• Monthly PRINT EXCHANGE: We continue our series of photo exchanges for those that are interested in participating. This is entirely up to you, but if you bring an image, you go home with someone else's image. Image subject matter is entirely up to you. Rules for those bringing PRINTS to exchange: • Bring a photographic print of your work to trade with your fellow members. The print should be something that could be displayed on a wall but does not have to be matted (but can be). Color or black and white, ANY subject matter and it can be an old image or new. • Prints should be brought to this event in an appropriate sized envelope or wrapped up, so that the imagery cannot be seen beforehand. Each one will be numbered and numbers will be picked from a hat by members until all prints have been distributed. When all the prints have been handed out, we will open them and view them one by one in numerical order. PRINT SIZES SHOULD BE 8x10 or larger. Please ADD YOUR NAME to the back of the print + any other details. NOTE: If you do NOT bring a print, you will NOT receive one. REMEMBER: You are encouraged to bring a print to this event but it is NOT mandatory

John Free Street Photography in San Diego
Needs a date and time

Balboa Park - Fountain in front of the Rueben H. Fleet Center

I am helping the internationally renowned street photographer John Free arrange to teach a four hour street photography workshop in San Diego . I am thinking Balboa Park or Old Town might be good locations, anyone interested please email me for more info at [masked] Cheers Michael John Free writes about his workshop goal.... ......"The intent of my photography workshops is to provide an understanding of what street photography is and how it can be a wonderful part of a photographer’s life. To know what is expected of the social documentary photographer leads to the understanding in a photographer of its important and its magnitude and also what it holds for society in general. The whole idea and intent is to make meaningful visual poems of the daily life of mankind in the environment in which mankind thrives, lives and dies. His triumphs and tragedies, but photographed with love and a compassionate understanding of what must be included in the expertly made photographs that might tell his or her story in a way that the viewer of the photograph might, because of the visual and aesthetic power of the photography, be moved emotionally by it, or affected in some way for having seen it. My job is to broaden a photographers perspective of this process and to provide suggestions that might give a photographer a better understanding of where to point the camera and also what must be included or excluded from the frame to accomplish providing enough visual information to the viewer and at the same time by excluding the distracting elements or details from the frame that might be confusing or distracting to the viewer. I want to share with photographers techniques I have learned in 47 years of my working as a documentary/street photographer. These techniques might enable photographers to better recognize potential subject material that can be found all around us almost everywhere. The most important aspect of this process is speed. Speed in the recognition of a potential subject and speed in identifying all the elements, factors and details that are visible in the subject area of interest. How to arrange by the placement of the camera these details in a way that might provide more visual power to help support the center of interest. The center of interest is king. Speed in the photographer is king. Survival is an important part of my workshops. Photographing strangers at close range can result in sensitive situations for the photographer and knowing how to avoid trouble and learning techniques on how to resolve these tense situations, will allow the photographer to feel more comfortable about getting in close to the subject, which is very important. “The photographs were not good enough, because the photographer was not close enough”, is a comment I have heard, read and known personally for many years. Survival techniques can be very valuable for the serious photographer who wants to get closer, but is afraid to do so. By serious, I mean a dedicated photography student, (we are all students) who wishes to acquire knowledge that will enable him or her to climb higher and higher on the ladder towards personal excellence in photography. Photography has given me a wonderful view of life around me and also the personal knowledge of what I must photograph and why I must point my lens in the direction that is most important for the viewer of my photographs. I do not make photographs for myself only. I make photographs for you and for all, always for you and hopefully my photographs and my teaching will lead to a better understand among photographers and among the viewers of these incredible images that are made with an attentive mind, a compassionate heart and filtered through the soul. Allow me with great pleasure to lead photographers to this magic and loving place in our hearts, where the great photographs come from." John Free John Free Photography Social Documentary & Street Photography Link: Workshops (http://www.johnfreephotography.com/street-photography-workshops/)

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