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If you are at all interested in European Martial Arts of any type then look no further, we will be learning the Italian Longsword of Fiore and Vadi of the 15th Century; as translated and taught by Guy Windsor from the School of European Swordsmanship. We will also be working on Sword and Buckler technique as shown in the Royal Armories Manuscript I.33. We also practice some Spear/quarterstaff, Falchion, Cutlass, unarmed, and dagger work.

We have quite a surplus of swords, which will allow people who are not entirely sure they wish to fully commit to HMA practice to give it a try without dropping a lot of money. We can also help people find good places and good deals to buy gear and weapons.

To ensure a safe environment for our practice- if you intend to do any sort of Freeplay or partner work- please have already purchased at least a fencing mask, a cup(if male) and a pair of gloves or gauntlets. We intend to be fully focused on proper form, proper technique, and safety, so if you are looking for a place to simply swing a sword as hard as you can at somebody, then this is not the place for you.

Sadly this next section also must be discussed due to the nature of a few despicable people around the world who have decided to use HEMA as a white and European supremacy tool. This group's vision is to stand in exact opposition to this sort of belief. All are welcome now and forever, so long as you do not discriminate against others based on their genetic or cultural heritage. We have a 100% zero-tolerance policy for any bigotry or discriminatory behavior. On that note, if anybody interested in this group holds any of those ideas, please look elsewhere.

Guy Windsor puts it far more eloquently than I can here:

With that unfortunately necessary qualification out of the way, see you all at our meetups!

Class fees are to cover wear and tear on gear, purchase of new equipment, and to save up to start renting out a location to hold events in the future.

Via Della Spada!

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