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What we’re about

If you are reading this page, you probably already know what a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) is, and you probably are one. "HSP" is a concept explained by Dr. Elaine Aron in her 1996 book "The Highly Sensitive Person."

If you'd like to learn more, we highly recommend that you visit Elaine Aron's web site and take her sensitivity self-test:

This group was created to help greater San Francisco Bay Area HSPs connect with each other for friendship and support. I cannot say enough positive things about the importance of HSPs connecting and making friends with their peers. Although the idea of "a group" may sound daunting to an HSP (after all, about 75% of HSPs are introverts!), the benefits of spending time with others who "get it" far outweigh the "scary moments" that go with thinking "I'm not sure I can handle being in a group!"
This group was named "San Francisco Bay Area" HSPs in the hope of reaching a broader group of people from all over the Bay Area.

This is a private social group that is about connection, fellowship, and friendship, joy, and fun. For any number of reasons, many HSPs say they often feel socially isolated and are usually more introverted socially. We want to help by offering a safe and supported venue. To create a comfortable and safe space, we have a few guidelines and rules that we ask everyone to follow.

HSP Meetup Group Guidelines and Rules
·       Be respectful to others in the group at all times.
·       Help give everyone an opportunity to speak by refraining from speaking too much or too loudly.
·       Help foster an inclusive environment by recognizing and supporting peoples' diverse and varying abilities.
·       Do not consume alcohol or drugs prior to or during an event.
·       Try to keep conversations positive and constructive to create open discussion and support for one another.
·       Refrain from soliciting advice from others at any time without asking for their consent beforehand.

HSP Online Events
·       We intend that participants will have their camera on at all times to create a more connective and safer environment.
·       Your real name appears with your image so we know who everyone is, helping to create a safer space (first names are OK).
·       Please be on time so we can minimize disruptions and so you don't miss any introductions or guidelines.
·       Please stay on mute unless you are talking. The organizer has the right to mute other members during the meeting if they are interfering with the meeting due to background noise, excess talking, or comfort and safety of the group.

·       This is not a support group. The group is intended to build connections and create a space for us to thrive.
·       This is not a replacement or supplement for professional mental health services.
·       This is not a place for dealing with disturbing or negative experiences that could be uncomfortable to others.
·       The organizers cannot validate that members are actually HSPs. There is no guarantee that non-HSPs may be coming to events, so please be aware of this at all times.
·       We do not tolerate any form of hate speech or bullying. We expect members to manage their emotions.
·       We will not tolerate any foul language, it creates an uncomfortable experience.
·       It is at the organizers' discretion to ask members to leave or to remove members from the group if they are creating an unpleasant, uncomfortable or unwanted experience for the group and/or the organizer. Our organizers are all volunteers who are trying to create a space where HSPs can come together. They are usually not trained in facilitation, but are HSPs who want to create a safe space for other HSPs to get together. It is up to all of us to create a safe space for each other.