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Our travel club is for all those solo travelers out there who want to explore the world but need a group to go with! Bring friends of course but if you can't get them to come-no worries! We do awesome local events in the Bay Area and many exciting trips all year! Local Events include hiking, wine tasting, white water rafting, kayaking, parties, dinner, camping, and much more!

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Unforgettable Africa - A Giving back Safari

Kamuzu International Airport

May 17 – 27, 2019 HAPPY NEW YEAR! Give Back with our Compassionate adventure! Make Our African Safari Your 2019 Resolution. This year Destination Earth and team is bringing a life changing adventure to our groups with this unique and incredible valued safari. Have 55 seconds? SEE VIDEO OF THIS ADVENTURE HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9tLwJVraqY&feature=youtu.be We will travel through Zambia, Malawi, and Vic Falls complete with an amazing life changing project we have designed to help the women of a charming African village cook in safety. See the Big 5 wild animals up close and stay in high end Safari lodges, all for a lot less than you might think! Exciting, Unique, and Safe Adventures: The great thing about traveling with us is that while it is an intimate experience, you get to have exciting adventures you would never have on your own! We partner with inspiring non-profits and scout off the beaten path journeys to take you places you only dream of. This custom curated intimate adventure has no more than 15 guests in order to blend in and build community: This Safari Features: • Incredible value and unique safari while enjoying a “giving-back” adventure • Go to unique off the trail game reserves • Make a real difference with just a couple hours of your time • Get pampered in 3 and 4 star boutique safari Lodges • Visit the largest fresh water lake in the world • Breakfast, lunch and dinner included on most days • Private local guides throughout • All Park fees included, unlike the other guys! *************************************************************** • Absorb the whole experience in Malawi and Zambia safari only for just $2,995 • Add On Victoria Falls Adventure for $1,450 • OR Complete your bucket list with an ultra luxury 3 day Safari (with 3 flights) + Vic Falls extension: 6 amazing days for $3,395! *************************************************************** SAFARI INTO THE HEART OF AFRICA: SNEAK PEAK ITINERARY Day 1-3: Luxury Lodge and 4 star Safari Camp • Gourmet welcome dinner and traditional Dancing • Water, land and walking Safaris in a stunning less traveled park • Connecting with locals. Day 4-6: Lake Malawi relax & explore • Explore the largest ,longest and deepest freshwater lake in the world • Rest and Re-store while snorkeling in crystal clear waters • Boat through fishing villages and give out school supplies • High end meals and sunrise hikes Day 7-10: South Luangwa, Zambia for the big 5 • witness some of the most breathtaking and untouched wilderness in Africa. • Up close and personal walking safaris • Multiple game drives daily • Empower local women to set up businesses • Sundowners and gourmet dinners Day 10-12:Victoria Falls adventure and connections extension • Witness the largest waterfall on the planet! • Enjoy Sun downer Cruise into the mist with safari sights on the way • Get in culture and shopping • Tons of awesome optional excursions • Save the lives of women and children & enjoy Boma Dinner local style ********************************************************* JOIN US NOW! Malawi & Zambia Almost all inclusive 10 day adventure with extensions. See the details and LOTS of images here: https://www.destination-earth.org/trips/malawi-zambia-safari/ * E-mail us for any questions & for the detailed daily itineraries at [masked] * We’d love to talk to you! Call me to chat about it:[masked] (Jud) *For our solo travelers I will pair you up with someone of the same sex unless single occupancy is requested.

The beautiful Audubon Canyon & Lagoon Wildlife & Nature Trek !

at we'll do The Foundation has reduced access to this area quite a bit. I guess they are trying to leave less of a human footprint, etc? This location sits high above Bolinas Lagoon North of the Stinson beach area. The wildlife viewing from here is great ! There are spotting scopes strategically placed high overlooking the nesting trees. Our hike will take us far & higher above this area. A very beautiful sanctuary. we will encounter the Giant's swing, , redwoods, creek crossings, the hidden bird observation house, breath taking ocean & lagoon & Tidal views, hidden wildlife cameras will take photos of wild animals in the natural state. *** Like the Mom Bobcat with her 2 young ones as she is bringing home a huge snake for dinner. Plus much more to see. The photo book area is hidden on an off main trail location. There are many hidden cameras mounted at strategic locations where the wildlife frequents. I have seen their videos of Bears, Mountain Lions, Bobcats, a badger, & many more . It's amazing . Many unusual trees & giant & unique mushroom growths & more. Few know of this hidden gem. We must leave the area by 4:00 pm as they will close. Our usual dinner option will follow nearby. **NOTE> I have added a new trail which will increase the hike distance to about 5 miles. We will do both sides of the canyons. This hike is rated as moderate with some gradual uphill at the start. ** The usual goodies I will have for all: water, juice, tea, lattes, energy & protein drinks, snacks, gourmet fruit & Nut packs, 20 varieties of trail bars, Vino, hiking poles, car shuttles, parking fees paid, donations, Special Fun, bad jokes, & other stuff to share. *BRING A LUNCH *** New this year are the delicious (Non Alcoholic) Wine Country Sodas from grapes. Donation : $ or chk. $22.00 & A 25 % plus; Donation will also be given to the Foundation. (I'll explain this in better detail later.) I also send semi annual donations. NOTE: If you use Paypal (You must use the friends & family option only) . Or an additional charge will apply. UGH!!! Or use chase.com/zelle (Easy) Use my em or ph. # **We meet at Starbucks & will shuttle from there be fore 9:45 am am. I will have maps for shuttle drivers. Or for those who wish to meet us there & not meet at Starbucks, you may contact me. ** This is one beautiful place to experience !!! Also it;s better to RSVP on a desktop computer & print up the info for reference along with your mobile phone app.(If not, you may miss important info.) Contact: Indie Tom: [masked][masked]

Cool Boulder falls trek & Home winery gardens tour & tasting !

What we'll do Wild & Fun Boulder Falls & Historic Home winery gardens & tastings ! Silverado Trail & Deer park Road · St. Helena, CA NOTE: Go N. on hwy 29 & after leaving Napa turn right on Oak Knoll Ln. Go right &Take it to Silverado Trail . Go left & don't stop till you see the Blinking Red Light. at Deerpark Rd. Look left (You have arrived). NOTE: Park on the road side at the S.E. corner by the fruit mkt. lot & porta potty. (not in the lot) Contact Indie Tom at; [masked][masked] An awesome & super fun outing to be experienced !! This outing has always rated high fives from many members. The falls after the recent storms will make this a spectacular outing ! Most of the hike is very easy. R.T. is about 3 miles. But when we hit the top of the waterfall area, the the easy part gives way to boulder climbing . The real fun part. I'll guide you safely down & thru all the levels of many waterfalls. A photographer's dream. Good shoes are required. Be brave & get out of your comfort zone. You will love this adventure ! A short; but very exciting waterfalls trek. Itinerary: Meet at the SW corner of the posted info. It's along the road next to the parking lot of a fruit stand. We will shuttle from here in fewer cars to the starting location. NOTE: Look for the Porta Potty next to the road in the farm stand lot. *****Wear good hiking shoes with deep thread. No gym shoes!!! Also bring light gloves if you can. *** **Bring a lunch. We will have our very relaxing wine picnic high over the last Big Waterfalls. Then cool photo opportunities as we descend to relax below the falls. There will be creek crossings, boulder scrambling, unique tree & rock formations & under high mossy cliffs. This is an erie forest. I sometimes refer to it as the "Dead Zone". The Falls will be spectacular !! A wild & super fun outing !! Some have said that this was their favorite hike/event . Near the end we will begin the high boulder climb down over & across 5-6 smaller waterfalls & rapids. When we reach the large falls we will have our Wine Lunch here. NOTE: Awesome location that will be hard to leave. Cameras Yes !!!! After lunch, We will descend down to below the high waterfalls & enjoy the misty beauty. Then an easy hike back to our starting location on a different trail. Our next stop will be at a fine reserve Winery only 1/2 mile from our parking location & I'll have wine tasting passes available. I'll have the following for all: water, juice, tea,lattes, Wine Country bubbly grape sodas, protein & energy drinks, Gourmet Fruit & Nut packs, other snacks, 20 varieties of trail bars, hiking poles, gloves, & Wine. (Individual bottles) 9 varietals. (Don't forget the winery after) **Our dinner option follows the winery visit. Donation; : only 28 bucks $ or chk. upon arrival. Or paypal (use em: [masked] (Use friends & family option only) Another option is Chase.com/zelle (easy)[masked] A super sleeper fun outing !!! Carpooling: I will be available for pickup at 9:20 am at : Stanly Lane Smoke House 3100 Golden Gate Dr. Napa, CA 94558. Do not park in their lot. Just park off the rd against the bushes. Get there early & they have great morning comfort /warmup food & drink. From hwy 29 going North go over Napa river bridge & turn left at the next light (121/12). Go 1 blk. to Stanly Lane & go right. **You are there !!! Park by the bushes. NOTE: In case of pending rain; ALWAYS call/text me; as the Bay area has Micro climates. ***Many have missed out on great events in the last 2 months as we had sunny weather where it was raining in your area. So Very frustrating for me. ***Using a Desktop comp. is best; as the app misses important info. People are always contacting me about info. that is there.

The new Tree Top higher, faster & farther Zip Line Bucket List adventure !

The wild & Fun "New Tree Top" Zip Line experience ! Wildflour Bread co. 140 Bohemian Hwy · Freestone, CA, CA How to find us At the entrance. What we'll do The Forest Flight Zip Line experience ! And the NEW "Tree Top" Experience" A Bucket List event ! We meet at the Wildflour Bread co. for super delicious baked breads, etc & then check out their great organic garden trail. I'll have an orientation there before we take off for our adventure . We will leave Wildflour around 12:45 pm. We will be in the beautiful & tall Redwoods near the Russian river & Occidental. There are 7 runs, 2 sky bridges, A spiral staircase & a the rappel platform down. Highest part is 250 ft. & the longest run is about 1900 ft. ft. Almost 5000 ft. of Zipping ! You may reach speeds of 25-40 mph ! 70 lbs is the min. wgt. & 250 lbs is the max. Shorts are ok. (You will go faster with less clothing) . Or wear smooth tight clothing. Tie back long hair. No open toed shoes. *********Bring a camera with a strap. or rent a helmet cam or bring your Go-Pro. Cell phones will not work properly. Our dinner option in Occidental follows the Zip lining. I'll have drinks & snacks for all in case you missed Wildflour. (Don't miss it)! The New Tree Top Zip Tour is[masked] Only 10.00 more than the Forest Flight tour. But it is higher, faster & farther!! And better & more advanced equipment, etc. Pymts can also be mailed to: T. Bold 2471 Solano ave. #112 Napa, CA 94558 NOTE: No deposit means no reservation . This is a "BUCKET LIST" event !!!!!!!!!!! You will love it !!!! NOTE: After our Zip Line event we will have our early super delicious dinner option at the historic Union Hotel in Occidental. My friend Barbara the owner will have free super delicious Bruchetta appetizers for us. *****I will be available at the Petaluma Fairgrounds lot in front of the Library (100 Fairgrounds Dr.) off Washington St. for pickups at 11:15 am. **Must call/text for ride. [masked] NOTE: Please remove your rsvp if deposit is not sent within 7 days of your RSVP. ***If you have a paypal account: you must use the friends & family option or an Xtra fee will be assessed. Pay with Chase.com/zelle if having a problem. Or just send me a check. Or pay upon arrival. (Pymt. is required if you are a no show) ***NOTE: Always give me your em. & phone #. It's best to text me when the date is close as I may miss emails. ** I will also have drinks, snacks, etc. for all. NOTE: DO NOT wait till the last couple of days like last time as i was bombarded with p.pal pymts & some missed out & I had to send refunds. And some were very disappointed. Send in your deposit or full pymt in a timely manner. (See above) . **ALWAYS advise when & how you paid !!! Thanks ! ( I have to pre pay in advance for all participants.) ***Remember: Once you RSVP; you must send a deposit or full paymt. within one week. (And advise me when & how pymt. has been made) . This is an exciting & super fun & Bucket List outing ! ***Attendee limit is 8 people !! Note: Don't be scared ! This is a piece of cake. Great equipment & great guides. NOTE: rent a Go Pro or bring a camera with a strap to take photos. ** And I must have a minimum of 8 people to reserve this Tour time. ** Please use a desktop computer to RSVP & print up the page for reference with your mobile app. (If not; you may miss important info) **

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