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What we’re about

• Integration counseling for psychedelic & spiritual experience meaning-making
• Microdosing counseling and support - bring your questions re: microdosing to help you hone in on the right microdose approach for you (because it can be tricky).

Our purpose is to support and facilitate the holistic healing of mind,
body & soul in the safest and most effective ways possible. We're based in Santa Fe, NM & Oakland, CA USA, and working with people from all over the world.

"You have to take seriously the notion that understanding the universe is your responsibility,
because the only understanding of the universe that will be useful to you is your own understanding."

  • Terence McKenna


This online integration circle is happening 2-3 times per month, on a once per week basis. It’s ok to bring your most colorful or confusing psychedelic experiences into this conversation. This is a place for heartfelt sharing about what are often ineffable experiences.