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What we’re about

** This is a women’s group aimed at women who love women. If you are a Lesbian, Gay, Queer, Bi-sexual female wanting to meet, hang out and mingle with the like-minded, this is the group for you **

Hello there!

Welcome to our group that has formed and absolutely flourished since the lifting of the Covid lockdowns.

We will have a range of activities and events, from sporty to theatre and everything in between. There’s bound to be something you’ll enjoy.

Fun is the focus though at the same as time trying to build a supportive community where long lasting connections are formed. So far- so good in that department. Many friendships (as well as romantic relationships) have been formed through our events, which is very heart-warming.

We are a new group in comparative to other lesbian groups out there. We quickly grew a reputation for on putting well organised events and being the most friendly and welcoming group out there. Quality over quantity we say.

We don't use the meet-up to build an audience for future paying events, as some do. Everything is voluntary (often at a cost to the organiser). We are simply about bringing the community together and supporting community events in a world where this is so little for girls like us.

Lastly, don’t worry about coming alone or being new as at any one time there are often more newbies than regular attendees. Event type permitting, we will ask the newbies to come for the first hour to get acquainted with other newbies

If you see a large number of people signed up don’t be put off. The nature of meet-up means that many won’t attend on the day.

So don’t delay, sign up and come along to one of our events asap!

Look forward to meeting you!

J & The Sapphic Social Committee

Now the boring house-keeping stuff:

Notifications to be kept on
Please ensure your notifications are kept on when signing up for an event and that you attends events you sign-up for, else please change your RSVP - just as you would any other event you planned to attend.

Membership is at the organisers discretion. This is a meet-up group created for likeminded lesbian/bi-sexual/queer women to meet. Therefore we may decline membership requests that don’t meet our criteria. This is our meet-up right to do so. It is voluntary organisation.

The organisers do not profit from my event - quite the opposite, fees and many costs are incurred by the organiser and they host and organise in their own time in order bring the community together. Any fee paid for a ticket will be the price set by the vendor. For meals, you will only pay for what you have.

Disclaimer: All activities are participated in at your own risk. Organisers are not liable for any accidents or misfortune that may occur.

That’s the boring stuff over with. See you at an event soon 🌈👭💖