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"Surviving Difficult Transits," By Jodie Hart
SURVIVING DIFFICULT TRANSITS” Details: Beginning with our Natal Chart, we will look at some of the “less popular” Planetary Combinations; then set the chart in motion, examining the Chart Patterns that become “completed” when a more difficult planet moves into position. Questions will be answered like “When a T-Square becomes a Grand Cross” or “What to expect when a Stellium becomes activated by a malefic”. We all have these opportunities to learn during the evolution of our charts through our Lifetimes. There will be lecture materials handed out, and a PowerPoint presentation to demonstrate the principles explored over the course of the evening. BIO: First introduced to the study of Astrology in 1974 by Sybil Leek, Jodie Hart has devoted his career to the application of astrological research in a changing world of “old answers to new questions”. This came full circle in 1990, when he was introduced to planetary combinations and midpoints by Laura DesJardins – and began to learn “new answers to old questions”. Building upon the decades of research by astrological pioneers, Jodie continues to focus on the field of Asteroid and Trans Neptunian Points – settling into the role of “bridge builder” for a new generation of Astrologers. The product of a natal Fixed Grand Cross, his byline is “The Gift to See…, The Power to Change.” SCAN meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at: Polly’s Pies 23701 Moulton Pkwy Laguna Hills, CA 92653 6:00 PM – Dinner and social hour 6:50 PM – Announcements, introductions 7:00 PM – Guest Speaker Presentation Lecture Fees: $15 – non-members $10 – SCAN members (Annual SCAN Membership Dues - $20) SCAN accepts payment in CASH or CHECK made out to “Laura Rose DesJardins” (director) *SCAN is dark July, August, and December - we do not have meetings during those months NO-HOST dinner--SCAN does not pay...preferably pay with credit card and keep your paid meal receipt. 20% tip is added by the time you get your bill from Eduardo, so no need to pay more than what was calculated... SCAN members pay annual dues of $20, and $10 per lecture. Non-members pay $15 per lecture. Meetup members are only SCAN members when they have joined SCAN and paid their dues. Several people have thought they were SCAN members because they join the meetup group. The meetup website serves SCAN in providing a platform to announce SCAN events and give people who join our meetup group the opportunity to communicate information about themselves.

Polly's Bakery Cafe

23701 Moulton Parkway · Laguna Hills, CA

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The Southern California Astrological Network [SCAN] is Orange County 's premier group of astrologers who meet to discuss a variety of topics using astrological concepts and techniques.

Celebrating 30 years of dedication to astrology, the SCAN Board has worked to provide a central point where members and guests can assemble to share and learn in-depth perspectives using astrology to formulate, review and forecast events, and to receive insight that may be relevant to our own chart and those of our clients.

Dinner meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month, with notable speakers lecturing on astrological topics. Meetings are centrally located at Polly's Pies in Laguna Hills, Orange County.

If you're interested in being part of our wonderful group contact Laura Rose DesJardins at

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