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The Southern California Astrological Network [SCAN] is Orange County 's premier group of astrologers who meet to discuss a variety of topics using astrological concepts and techniques.

Celebrating 30 years of dedication to astrology, the SCAN Board has worked to provide a central point where members and guests can assemble to share and learn in-depth perspectives using astrology to formulate, review and forecast events, and to receive insight that may be relevant to our own chart and those of our clients.

Dinner meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month, with notable speakers lecturing on astrological topics. Meetings are centrally located at Polly's Pies in Laguna Hills, Orange County.

If you're interested in being part of our wonderful group contact Laura Rose DesJardins at


SCAN is a non-profit group.

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The Predictive Planetary Periods by Dr Dennis Harness

The Predictive Planetary Periods of Vedic Astrology Come and explore a unique feature of Vedic astrology called the Dashas or Planetary Periods. These personal growth cycles can clearly reflect future trends and developmental life changes. This analysis is particularly for gaining a more comprehensive overview of one's life. Marriage, financial success, health and other important life changes and events can be revealed with detailed accuracy. Dr. Harness will also be giving a workshop Workshop participants will receive a copy of their Vedic Natal Chart and Planetary Periods. Please submit your birth data two weeks before the workshop for a complimentary chart. Workshop date is Sat May 16th 10 to 4 pm.

Sherene Vishmaya ...title to be announced

Polly's Bakery Cafe

Madame Rosa is Back

Polly's Bakery Cafe

Once a year Madame Rosa aka Laura DesJardins comes all the way from the Far East to do consultations for the SCAN Group. She is Known for her gift of gab and is considered quite entertaining. We all look forward to seeing her again as she has now become a regular. She comes with full regalia and loves doing the readings for each of the SCAN members so be sure and contact Laura at[masked] to give her your birth data in advance of the SCAN meeting.

To be announced...

Polly's Bakery Cafe

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The 2020 Capricorn Climax by Eric Starwalker

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