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What we’re about

A knowledge of plants--their identification, nutritional value to wildlife, and cultural requirements--will serve a major role in our endeavor, since they are an ecosystem's foundation.  All animals require plants--specific plants--for their survival.  Even carnivores rely on plants to nourish their prey.  We'll learn and share many techniques for creating habitat, but landscaping is key. 

This meetup is chiefly intended for nature lovers who are upset to see wilderness vanish and want to become actively involved in making a difference--starting with their own backyard (and frontyard). Many of you have enough greenspace around your homes to make an impact.  There are also many who haven't got much more than a couple windowboxes or a single tree beside your apartment.  Yet, you shouldn't feel limited to your immediate surroundings; there are opportunities to volunteer in your neighborhood's public parks/public spaces, or chances to guerrilla garden in vacant lots.