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What we’re about

If you don't have the attitude then you won't make the altitude!

A group of people who love the outdoors - particularly large hills that some call mountains.

We love to spend time exploring the wilderness because we know freedom lies within the moment.

Call us individuals who like to take the trail less traveled... Actually, that's a bit cliche... but whatever you get the drift.


Some of the treks are going to be tough. This group is not for someone who is just beginning to explore the wilderness. This doesn't mean that you're completely excluded it just means get out there, get some experience first and come join us in the future. Experience is a must not only for your safety but others. Please be honest with what you've done and what you're comfortable doing.

Backpacking gear and rock/ice climbing gear is beneficial for particular adventures. Planning, safety, teamwork, and having a blast is key.

Oh, and if you don't know what The North Face is then this may be the wrong group for you...kidding...but seriously.

*Please no flakes, drama, spamming or disrespectful behavior*

By participating and/or attending any of our events you are adhering and agreeing to our Legal Disclaimer and Release of Liability Statement