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What we’re about

UPDATE TIME: with mandates being lifted and vaccines widely available, we believe now is a time for friends to start coming back together. We will be scheduling in-person events again, starting this June.

We strongly urge all members to follow their own conscience in terms of what feels safe for them, and all members must follow guidelines set by the venues we attend for scheduled Meetups. We also urge attendees to wear masks, however we will not be checking or insisting that attendees do so. If you're uncomfortable playing a game with someone who is not wearing a mask, just let someone from the group know, and we'll happily find you another game or other players.

As always, Scott's Addition Board Game Society is committed to fostering inclusive communities for gamers to have fun. We believe that games bring people together. Our purpose is to help create these moments of community by finding space, encouraging inclusiveness, and supporting others looking to bring gamers together.

Please continue to be kind to each other, reach out to your friends and family to make sure they're ok, and continue to engage at whatever level you're comfortable with.

We do still have a Discord server where you can play socially distant here: