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Please note: joining this meetup group does not make you a SCOW member. Please keep reading for more information.

The Sailing Club of Washington http://www.scow.org is a volunteer-run organization and provides its membership with opportunities to sail, to exchange information about sailing, learn safe boating procedures, and to meet others in the Potomac River area with similar interests. Established in 1966, SCOW plans activities for both the novice and experienced sailor.

The purpose of this site is to help interested potential members get involved in some of our public events. Additional events such as raft-ups, racing, and training are for members only. For more information on membership applications, cost and other info, please see the official SCOW website at: http://www.scow.org and http://scow.org/join

Our Club’s fleet includes six 19' Flying Scots, one Catalina 25, one Catalina 250 and one Capri 25. Members reserve and take the boats out for personal use, social events and racing. SCOW is Chartered by the Flying Scot Sailing Association (FSSA.com) as Fleet 203 in the Capital District.

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SCOW Social Sail

1 Marina Dr

Come sail with us on the famous Potomac River.

During Spring, Summer, and Fall, SCOW meets on Thursday evenings for Social Sails at Washington Sailing Marina from 6:00 PM to sundown. Social Sails involve Flying Scot sailing dinghies and Catalina cruisers around the "lagoon" south of the airport accompanied by shoreside socializing.

We are by the cranes on the east shore of the marina. After (free) parking at Marina Dr., walk directly east towards the Potomac River. People typically show up as early as 5:00PM.

If you are brand new to the club--
SCOW is an excellent group with members with a wide variety of experiences in sailing, from all demographics. Aside from the the social aspects of the club, new members can progress to become skipper certified and be able to check out one of the club boats. We also host casual racing events where boat owners, beginners, veterans and club skippers alike can participate.

Brand new to sailing? Sailing takes a lot of knowledge and practice, but it is something everyone can do. If you would like to learn more: Be active! Talk to some members and ask questions. Jump in one of the boats and ask the skipper how sailing works! This is a GREAT way to try sailing for the first time.

Please join! No time too early or late to join. New members can progress from social sails to access to training programs and additional events.

RAIN: if you get there and it is raining, check to see if anyone is by the cranes. If there isn't anyone there, come by TJ Stones, where we continue the Social aspect of Social Sail events.

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SCOW Social Sail

1 Marina Dr

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