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The Inner Game, with Audrey Sussman PHD
There was a time when creativity was easy—when you were a child, driven by an endless desire to create, and no fear, no judgment, and no internal censor whatsoever. The goal of The Inner Game is to return you to that time, when finding your voice as a writer was as easy as being yourself, and raw creativity flowed as effortlessly as inspiration. You’ll learn to banish writer’s block forever, find inspiration in an instant, and discover the heart of your story and your characters, by tapping into your own voice as a writer, and your deepest creative instincts. Each session begins with a guided meditation, and deep inner work designed to help you break through the internal walls that get in the way of your writing. You’ll then experience a series of carefully crafted writing exercises, designed to transport you out of your everyday life, and connect you to the emotional truth of your story and of your characters. You’ll build a writing practice that allows you to get your pages flowing at will, recover the joy you’ve always felt with writing, and write from your most connected place every time you sit down with your characters. Unlike our other classes, which focus on merging the art and the craft of writing, The Inner Game allows you to put the craft and all your conscious goals as a writer aside for awhile, and concentrate only on connecting to the emotional truth of your writing and your characters. Each class is devoted entirely to the process of writing, so you’ll leave each time with tons of powerful raw material that you can hone and refine throughout the rest of your writing week. Whether you are brand new to writing, or a seasoned writer looking to inject energy back into your writing, mastering The Inner Game will change your writing life forever.

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What we're about

We are a group of screenwriters at all levels of experience, meeting to improve our craft, build our careers and connect with fellow writers. In addition to our community meetups, our members get access to exclusive screenwriting classes, workshops and events, often at a fraction of the normal cost.

What Is The Goal Of This Group?

To help writers build their craft, discover their voices, find their community, and overcome obstacles like writer’s block, self doubt and procrastination. We seek to create an environment that is both challenging and inspiring, to bring out the best in our community and ourselves.

Who Should Join?

We organize meetup events and classes for members of all levels, from total beginners to emerging and professional writers.

What Kinds of Meetups Do You Offer?

Screenwriting Classes & Workshops, Meditative Writing, TV Writing, Film Breakdowns, 7 Act Structure Lectures, Formatting Seminars, Discussions, Excursions and Fun Events that bring screenwriters together.

What Is Your Philosophy?

Rather than imposing the same old formulas from the outside, we believe that the best writing develops organically, from initial idea, to character, to scene, to act to the movie you've always dreamed of making.

We seek to nurture a community that both fosters and challenges this idea, and to help writers to strike the perfect balance between the art and craft of writing: the demands of their creativity and the demands of the marketplace.

How Often Do You Meet?

We usually have at least one meetup per month and sometimes even more.

Who Is Jacob Krueger? And Why Did He Create This group?

Realizing that aspiring and emerging screenwriters often struggled to find community and good screenwriting resources, award-winning screenwriter Jacob Krueger founded this meetup group in an attempt to bring those writers together, and to give them a way to find the resources they needed, at prices they could afford.

Over his years in the entertainment industry, Jacob Krueger has worked with thousands of writers, from Academy and Tony Award Winners, to beginning writers picking up the pen for the first time. The founder of Jacob Krueger Studio ( in New York City, Jacob is an award winning screenwriter, playwright, producer and director.

"Jacob Krueger is a true collaborator, totally dedicated to the project, leaving his ego behind, but nevertheless demanding the highest standards because of his sharp dramatic sense and intuition."
--Claude Michel Schonberg
Composer, Les Miserables


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