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What we’re about

Scrum, the most applied framework for Agile software development, has the potential of greatly increasing the value that software delivers to organizations while re-humanizing the workplace for people.
This is a group for people that care. 
This is a group for people that want to inspire individuals, teams, departments, and organizations to realize this potential, without the limitations of being tied to a specific company. 
This meetup group has a total focus on Scrum. This meetup group needs your openness and willingness to share and collaborate.
• Are you a Scrum practitioner? Are you involved in or driving the adoption of Scrum? Do you want to get going with Scrum? Are you looking to employ Scrum and increase the engagement of the workforce and the quality of your products created through Scrum? Do you want to share ideas and experience with fellow Scrum travellers? Then, join!
• Our objective is to organise a quarterly meetup, either in the Netherlands or in Belgium. Every meetup will be set up around one specific theme of Scrum. The meetups can take different shapes, but the goal is always to share ideas, work together, collaborate, generate ideas that will help us to not just understand Scrum, but that will help us enact Scrum.