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The Scubadillo Dive Club, affectionately known as the 'Dillos, has been goin' down since 1984. One of the oldest and the largest dive clubs in North Texas this is definitely the place to be. The club is involved in diving education, diving techniques and physiology, the marine environment and social events with other divers. We welcome all divers old, new and wannabes alike! Even if you're not sure whether diving is for you, come to a meeting and talk to some of our members.

The 'Dillos are a major force in the North Texas diving community. Working with dive shops, manufactures, distributors and our friends in other area dive clubs such as the Diving Rebels, Reef Riders, Texins, DUPES and FINZ, we strive to give all area divers a group not only to dive with but to dive with safely, learn and socialize. We want every diver to find a "home" and friends to dive with. The members of the 'Dillos comprise a wide and diverse range of individuals.

Our sole purpose is to provide a place for divers at any level to congregate, educate and socialize. Tech Divers can find others with mixed gas, decompression, extended range, deep and cave experience with certifications from TDI, ANDI and IANTD; even commercial diving experience.

If you want to dive and be around divers in North Texas.... you've found a home!

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Windy Point

Scubadillos, We have 2 dive outings planned for July 20th. Lake Travis boat dive and Scuba Ranch. If you wish to go to Scuba Ranch go to next meetup page. It is Travis Time!!! Lake Travis that is. We are going to Lake Travis this summer, July 20. Put it on your calendar and join us! Lake Travis is located just to the northwest of Austin. . We will go diving off the Giant Stride on Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon. What is the Giant Stride, you ask? The Giant Stride is a bona fide dive boat !!! On Lake Travis !!! Yes! So, the Giant Stride is a Coast Guard certified dive boat operating on Lake Travis. The boat operator is Lake Travis Scuba!! Check’em out on the web. You will need to make your own reservations on line at http://www.laketravisscuba.com . The cost is $55 pp. At this time there is only 3 spots left for the 8:00 morning boat. The Giant Stride will haul us out into the middle of Lake Travis. Depending on the temperament of the boat captain, the Giant Stride will either drop us into the lake in the middle of nowhere; or if we ask politely, Robert, the boat captain, has his favorite dive sites. Dive sites such as: Starnes Island Fiesta Haus Wall Oasis Wall The Shaker Plant West Point Cypress Creek Wall Wreck Alley What is that? You say you have never heard of any of these “dive sites”? Well, you have never been aboard the Giant Stride. Please come join us! It will be a blast! I promise. You must have all your equipment including weights and tanks ( you can rent tanks for $10ea on the Giant Stride). The diving fee to board the Giant Stride is $55. For $55, we all get to take a 4 hour, 2 tank, dive excursion to wondrous dive sites across Lake Travis!! These dive sites are only accessible by boat so the dive fee is well worth it!!! Please come join us! After the conclusion of our Giant Stride morning and afternoon dive we can all go eat dinner. I have heard the Austin area has some mediocre restaurants. If you wish to go to Scuba Ranch go to next meetup page.

Scuba Ranch (Formerly Clear Springs)

Needs a location

This month we are having 2 dive events. Boat dive at lake Travis and Scuba Ranch. For Travis go to next meetup page. The Scuba Ranch, formerly known as Clear Springs Scuba Park, opened June 15, 2001. As of May 2018 we are under new management and changes/updates are continuing to be made. We offer a 22 acre spring-fed lake that has one of the most beautiful, natural habitats seen in a fresh water Texas Lake. The Scuba Ranch, to celebrate the International Women's Dive Day, will give the first 50 women a visor and a ticket for a free air fill ($10 value). They are also having a raffle during the day. They will give the Scubadillos both a pavilion (so ask at entrance where the Scubadillos are located and look for the yellow banner) and a 20% discount on admission (off of the normal $20 daily entry fee, that would be only $16 for Scubadillos). Our event meeting time is officially 10 AM for the Scubadillos, but those that want to help set up can come out earlier around 9 AM (or 8 AM if you are a woman and want that visor and free air-fill ticket) The Scubadillos are not providing lunch or any planned activities, so everyone needs to bring their own drinks, snacks, lunch, chairs, dive equipment, etc. to have a fun day of casual diving with friends and camaraderie at the pavilion. This is a chance for divers to find dive buddies and go explore all of the new things that they have done at the lake since it changed over from Clear Springs Scuba Park. Latest reported water temperatures was in the 80's at the surface and around 77 degrees at 20 feet (first thermocline). Since there are no planned activities, people can leave whenever they like. To save time fill out the wavier on line at www.thescubaranch.com.

UNDERWATER Scubadillo Poker Run

Wheeler Branch Park

Come on out Saturday 8/17 to the Scubadillo Dive Club's annual Poker Run event where dive-buddy contestants compete to have the best five-card poker hand from our underwater "playing table." This year our event will be held at Wheeler Branch Park in Glen Rose, site of our Spring Luau. Just look for the Scubadillo signs and banners for where we are setting up our event. We will fire up the grill around Noon and the club will supply hamburgers and the "fixins," plus a cooler of water for lunch. Please bring a side dish to share and since we have the grill going, then bring something for yourself to cook if you don't want hamburgers. FREE to members. $10 non-members or become a member for $20. After lunch, the "playing field" will be laid out with two decks of special plastic-coated cards (one red, one blue) on lines with clips attaching the cards. Each buddy team will be allowed to collect a maximum of five cards at one time, but you will have 45 minutes to "improve" your hand as you take and replace cards to create the winning standard poker hands (flushes, straights, four-of-a-kind, full houses, etc.). Great prizes will be given out to the top poker hands presented at the end of the time period. You do not have to have a buddy to come. We will buddy you up if you do not have one. To get to Wheeler Branch Park in Glen Rose, just take I-35 south of Dallas and then take Hwy. 67 to Glen Rose. In Glen Rose, take Bo Gibbs Boulevard and turn north on County Road 301. At "Y" intersection veer left on CR 326 and follow to park entrance. The city park entrance fee is $8. Bring all of your dive gear, a chair, usual dive outing comforts and favorite beverage (for after the dive event). We will see you then!

Happy Hour


Come take the stress off the work week on August 23 at the Scubadillo's monthly Happy Hour social from 5:00 p.m. until whenever we leave. This month we will try ? (TBA). We will have tables reserved for the Scubadillos or Mona. Come take a load off and have some fun with the Scubadillos.

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