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Our group approached the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors, and we received a signed Meatless Monday proclamation from them:


More about Meatless Monday and how reducing animal product consumption can have a dramatic effect on the environment, climate change, preventable lifestyle diseases, water conservation, ocean acidification, and more:


Our FREE summer film series at the Santa Cruz Public Libraries was a success, with lots of participants. At the library, you can check out the films, which examine the connection between what you eat and climate change, pollution, health, bees, hunger in America, human and animal welfare, and more:


On September 28, 3pm, at the Scotts Valley Branch, we had a brainstorming session about personal and group action we can take based on what we learned from the films. We used environmentalist Frances Moore Lappe's EcoMind workshop materials as a springboard.

About Our Group

Enjoy vegetarian food in beautiful Santa Cruz County, California! Plant-based eating here is outstanding, as we have some of the freshest year-round produce in the world! Whether you're vegetarian, reducing meat consumption, or just want to enjoy a healthy meat-free meal and conversation, please join us! Our meetups are Fun social events where you can explore your food options and choices with no pressure, honest.

Why do some people reduce or eliminate meat consumption? There are many different reasons, and there is a lot of diversity in our group as a result. See the following page for more information about the group and the variety of reasons people become vegetarian or reduce their consumption of animal products:


Why Environmentalists and Chefs Reduce Animal Product Consumption

Dr Rajendra K. Pachauri, chair of the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) since 2002, urges you to consider reducing meat consumption in this short video:

NASA climatologist Dr James Hansen describes how the best thing an individual can do to stop climate change is to make simple changes to your diet: reduce or eliminate meat consumption. Translated into multiple languages.

World Bank environmental experts offer their solution

Al Gore and Bill Clinton have both gone vegan, while the Bill Gates Foundation and other wealthy investors have invested in a pea-based egg alternative, because they don't believe that the planet can sustain our demand for animal-based foods:




Mark Bittman, renowned journalist and cookbook author, has a great Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED) talk that summarizes a lot of the reasons to reduce animal product consumption, as well as why he's "Vegan Before 6:"


Another TED talk by Graham Hill, founder of Treehugger.com, on why he's a weekday vegetarian (4 mins):


Mario Batali supports Meatless Monday, along with scores of other famous chefs and restauranteurs:



Our group participates in a variety of environmental events to help spread the word about how even small changes in what you eat can dramatically influence the environment, health, social justice, and climate change. And even save our childrens' future.

Climate Change and Animal Product Consumption

Here are some ways to reduce your carbon footprint, and stop climate change, through diet:





Following is a terrific website with the latest news about climate change and solutions:


Here is their introductory video, which is a nice overview of the latest in climate change science, and describes why it's so important to reduce certain greenhouse gases now:

Cooling the Planet - Fast Acting Solutions


As a coastal community, it's also important to be aware of issues that affect our oceans. This beautifully filmed documentary examines the threat of overfishing, trawling, pollution, fish farming, and climate change (16 mins):


Our Group Philosophy

This is a moderate vegetarian group that encourages nonviolence and positive, practical action to improve the world we live in. We enjoy stimulating conversation, and at the same time we ask that everyone be respectful and courteous of others' opinions. We've been a group for more than nine years now!

If you're concerned about your "internet privacy," know that our group is private so you can feel free to post your opinions in your profile and on our message board without it appearing on the internet in searches.

Petitions for Positive Change

Sign our petition to start a Meatless Monday campaign in Santa Cruz and Santa Cruz County, which benefits health, the environment, and local businesses:


Another petition to ban poison lead ammunition and illegal shooting, and foster education about sharing our home with predators, deer, and other wildlife:


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