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What we’re about

Have you or a loved one used psychedelic therapy, particularly ketamine, to treat mental health issues?

Our collective is for anyone who has used Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy, KAP, or other intentional, assisted psychedelic therapies to treat mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, eating disorders, end of life, or chronic pain.

We are primarily a social group, meeting monthly, in person, to share our stories, offer support, exchange resources, foster connectedness, sustain and extend the efforts we have made in therapy without incurring additional cost or stigma, and transform ourselves in the process of making new friends.

How do we support the expanded states of consciousness we have during our medicine treatments to be practical grounded insights that allow us to live more aware and optimally in our everyday lives?

The SD Ketmunity offers a safe space in a private home to further an infrastructure of support, understanding and encouragement for those who have experienced KAP or are planning to. The group can be an accessible addition to any current therapy or integration, however we not a substitute for medical car/advice.

We'll have spirited potlucks, authentic round table discussions, fascinating guest speakers and of course, inclusivity for all who are'll be among others who have shared similar experiences and challenges with this medicine.

Therapists, researchers, educators and practitioners in this field are welcome too!

Please join us as we improve ourselves, (our brains and hearts) each other and ultimately, this planet...