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Welcome to San Diego Fitness, presented by VAVi Sport & Social Club!

 This group is meant to bring together local fitness-minded adults to experience workouts you have never done before.

Are you tired of working on the same machines in your gym day in day out? Are you open-minded enough to let our certified professional instructors teach you how to get in shape using fun exercises in relaxed environments like the beach? Then this is YOUR GROUP!

Try any of the following VAVi’s Fitness Classes and you will be hooked after your first day:

- 20/20/20 Workout

             An intense full-body workout in 60 Min!

            20 Min of Cardio, 20 Min of Weights and 20 Min of Plyometrics

- Beach Fitness

            Boot Camp at the beach!

            Conditioning, Plyometrics, Running and Stretching

- Cool Water Sessions (presented by Davidoff Cool Water and Men’s Health)

            The ultimate Workout experience!

            Drills and workouts in changing environments, be challenged at your own skill level!


From time to time we will offer FREE Drop-ins for you to try out the sport of your choice for free. So just make sure you check our group updates frequently since we have always worked on a first-come-first-serve policy (Our last complimentary Men’s Health classes filled up within a few hours).

To sign up as a VAVi member for free, to sign up for our classes or for more information, go straight to!

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