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On line marketing tech done right!
• What we'll do We serve small business who are confused by online marketing. We share the tools and techniques to have effective online marketing. • What to bring Laptop, notebook • Important to know This is pure content. No pitch event. here are simple things that you can do to improve your chances of success in online marketing. So many people miss the basics to have a good foundation. I've never shared this information publicly before. In this meeting we will discuss the foundational layer of good online marketing... a clean setup of your marketing tech layer. I'll share the free tools to check that your website is traffic ready. I'll share the common mistakes that many businesses are making that hurt their organic search engine positions and drive up their paid advertising costs. I'll share the basics of how to get more emails delivered into inboxes by understanding the basic concepts of reputation and proper tech layer setup. Yes the keys to success are: 1. Knowing valuable hacks your competitors don't understand 2. Having a better Product Story and USP 3. Knowing how to get your message in front of more prospective customers 4. Having a great business model and knowing your business metrics that show you that you are operating properly Tomorrow's meeting will be about the setting up your marketing tech stack to give you a competitive advantage. It's simple and valuable and you can implement this yourself. Our meetings are a round table with discussion plus slides. You can make your comments and ask your questions. We show case studies as well as the theory of the techniques. Enjoy breakfast. Learn. Share. 7:30 -9:30 AM Encinitas Cafe

Encinitas Cafe: Back Room

531 South Pacific Coast Highway · Encinitas, CA


What we're about

Since 2008, we've provided our members with a wide variety of topics from internet marketing to the use of all the marketing tactics available. This is the most comprehensive marketing meetup in San Diego!

As a small business owner, how do you reach your prospective customers?

We discuss both online and offline ways of marketing within a small business budget, using such techniques as building a website, sponsoring workshops and events, to advertise or not, and many others. We will dig into subjects seldom covered in most workshops and talk about specifics of doing business in the real world. Not theory, but practical case studies.

Get to see what is working today, from the people doing it.


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