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What we’re about

instagram: @sandiegorecoveringwomxn
*Group membership roster is completely private to non-members.*
Calling all lady teetotalers!!! A gathering of womxn who are in recovery, “sober-curious” and/or just looking for fun, alcohol-free activities!

What is SDRWSC? How did it start? I (Danielle) started the San Diego Recovering Womxn’s Social Club in May 2018 after returning from a She Recovers retreat in Mexico.. I had felt such a sense of connection and companionship amongst fellow women in recovery while on retreat like nothing I'd ever experienced before - and quickly realized was something I no longer wanted to live without. Before I even flew out of Mexico, I got on and - when I couldn't find a group that met my needs - I started my own! Our first meetup was organized for later that month, the monthly Mimosa-Free brunch tradition was established - and the rest is history! One year, 200 members and 15+ meetups later it's safe to say the SDRWSC is the premier group for womxn looking for alcohol-free fun! \

How many members are in the SDRWSC meetup? What is the age range? We are now over 800+ strong! However, the average turnout is anywhere from 4 - 15 depending on the event. Average age seems to be mid-twenties to early-forties, but we have a very diverse group of single ladies, mothers (and grandmothers)!, single moms, happily married, happily divorced, students, unemployed, military, free lancers, visitors, SD natives, East coasters, dog lovers, cat lovers ... \

Do I have to be in recovery to join? Nope! You can be in recovery from alcohol, substance use, trauma, eating disorders, toxic productivity/workaholism or nothing at all (lucky you!). I just named it as such to attract the majority of people who end up being participants, but the ultimate group understanding is that all participants are "just sober for today/this event."
Does it cost anything? Absolutely not. No monthly or yearly dues like you may find with other meetup groups. We cover all meetup-associated fees - you simply pay your own way at the individual events, i.e. your restaurant tab, tickets etc.
Is it anonymous? The membership roster is completely hidden except to other members. I always ask before taking photos and if its OK to post them in meetup-related content. Other than that, there isn't really a group contract that it is an anonymous event. If you do not wish to be in photos, simply let me know when I am taking it (or message me ahead of time) and it won't be a problem at all.
What kind of events do you hold? Our monthly Mimosa-Free brunch series is definitely the most popular and in demand. We also have a monthly book club and True Crime Podcast meetup. We have also held meetups for SUP yoga, Paint Nites, hikes, Happy(er) Hour, Dinner, and a Comedy Night. Many events are not organized directly by me (i.e. yoga classes, comedy shows, retreats, Paint Nite), but rather we plan to "meetup" at them and take the place by storm as a sober sister herd! For this reason, many events are co-ed and/or alcohol may be present somewhere in the venue, but we all have a mutual understanding that we will not be drinking or under the influence while at the event.
Where in San Diego are events held? All over - we try to bounce all around! We have held events in La Mesa, Hillcrest, Gaslamp, Ocean Beach, Miramar, San Marcos, Del Mar, Carlsbad, Oceanside.
What can I expect from an event? Um, pure awesomeness and connection like you have never experienced before and a feeling a little like your heart might explode right out of your chest with love for all these bad ass women! Having a little social anxiety? So do I! Sooo many womxn have told me they were terrified to take the plunge and show up to meet a group of strangers (especially completely sober!), but are so, so happy that they did afterward. Expect to leave feeling a sense of inspiration. Expect the massive sigh of relief that only comes from finding your herd. Expect to find your new potential BFF.
What can I NOT expect from an event? This is not a sharing circle, AA or based on a therapeutic framework in anyway. The events are meant to be fun, lighthearted and cultivate a sense of recreational normalcy in an otherwise booze-soaked world. If you are having a crisis or are on the verge of relapse, this may not be the best setting for you. Please call your sponsor, find a meeting (AA, SMART Recovery, Refuge Recovery) or reach out to me individually.
Are men or children allowed to attend events? For the comfort and to respect the expectations of all participants, please leave men and children at home to watch over each other. Of course, if you, like, never get out of the house and the only way is to bring your kids - just shoot me a message first and I will let you know if it's a kid-friendly event!