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What we’re about

History Meets Mystery...

The Victorian Medium leads the curious and the courageous across the veil in an interactive historical re-enactment. Those willing to face their fears will find the event to be an intimate and powerful ritual unlike anything seen since the Victorian era.

In spite of horror movie connotations, the seance (a word from French meaning "sitting") originates with practitioners of Spiritualism in the 1840's who were mostly Quakers. During the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, seances were a common public attraction and private past time in both the United States and Europe.

Ceredwyn Alexander, The Victorian Medium, says, “My love for Gothic literature, folklore, and history combined with my interest in the paranormal and my own psychic abilities led me to experiment with these recreations. The body of the séance comes from my studies of 19th century American Spiritualists. Using letters, news articles, journals and other accounts of these meetings written at the time, I have painstakingly re-created that experience as authentically as possible.”

Madame Alexander's seance is authentic down to her starched crinoline and bustle.

Join us for a night of astonishing, interactive paranormal entertainment.