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The Seattle PHP User Group (SeaPHP UG) is a volunteer-run PHP user group, and invites anyone with a desire to talk and learn about PHP and related technologies to gather together, share their knowledge, and promote the PHP community in the Seattle, WA, and Puget Sound area.

This group currently meets monthly to sharpen skills, network with other PHP developers in the area, learn new ideas and technologies, find jobs, and laugh. Check our meetup page regularly for details about each upcoming meetup.

In 2016, Seattle PHP became a 501c3 organization. This means donations you make, can be tax deductible.

How We Communicate

Please review our Code of Conduct (https://www.meetup.com/seaphp/pages/Code_of_Conduct/).

The Seattle PHP community uses 2 types of communication on Meetup - the Mailing List and Message Board. We use the mailing list for developer discussions — asking/answering PHP questions, frameworks/CMS, Databases, architectural trade-offs, and receiving announcements. The Message Board is great for things like job postings, requests for work, event announcements, and sharing interesting news articles.

If you are a recruiter or you are offering a job, please use the Message Board to post the job opportunities

We encourage you to attend in-person meetups to announce jobs. Connect with people you want to hire! We provide a few minutes of dedicated open mic time at the beginning of the monthly meetups. Thanks for participating!

Have Ideas or Recommendations to Share

• Do you have some event ideas?

• Would you like to sponsor the meetup, or have items to raffle? We are grateful for your support.

• Interested in helping out?

• Would you like to speak at a meetup?

Please email the Seattle PHP organizers!: admins [at] seaphp [dot] com

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MergePHP: Beyond the Shire: Advanced Lando Techniques

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Every hero starts their journey from the comforts of home. However, the real adventure starts when you set aside the comforts of Bag End to head for parts unknown.

Now that you have a few projects running in Lando, aren't you curious to see what this puppy can really do?

In this presentation we'll cover…

Goblin Fighting: Tips and tricks to help consultants and web teams dealing with LOTS of projects.
Ring Forging: The foundations of custom Lando plugin creation.
Fellowship Founding: Getting started with Lando contribution.
Whether you've been up-and running with Lando for years or have just started using it, this presentation will help you find new tricks with Lando and encourage you to use your new powers for the good of all developers!

Alec Reynolds is the co-founder and CEO of Lando. He is happy to be Lando's bard, singing tales of its prowess in hopes that Lando will aid you in your next quest. Before Lando, Alec founded Kalamuna and Tandem, two successful software consultancies. His natural habitat is the Sierra Nevada foothills, where he is often seen trail running, camping with his family, and tending his garden.

Zoom Webinar Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/451710299

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More info on MergePHP: https://mergephp.carrd.co

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