SeaPHP Meetup @ NBC News - June 2016 - LIGHTNING TALK DAY!!!!

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Join us for our May PHP meetup at

NBC News -- located in the Columbia Tower

on Tuesday, June 14th, we will be having 5 lightning talks!


• 6:30 – Arrive and Socialize

• 6:50 – Welcome and Announcements

• 6:55 – Open mic (job openings, projects, etc.)

• 7:10-7:25 - • #1 Philip Jenck - Concrete5

• 7:25-7:40- #2 Tim Bond - Upgrading to PHP7

• 7:40-7:55- #3 Colby Terry - Writing Software is Hard

• 7:55-8:15 - #4 Erica Melzer - Horse Of A Different Hustle: Leveraging Your Atypical Background

• 8:15-8:30 - Closing/Raffle/Prizes

• 8:30 – Post-Meetup Drinkup -

Cafe Bengodi

700 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104


• #1 Erica Melzer - Horse Of A Different Hustle: Leveraging Your Atypical Background


This talk will teach those without a computer science degree to recognize the inherent value in their non-traditional path to technology. Whether you're a self taught programmer, a bootcamp graduate, or a jack of all trades with a string of seemingly unrelated roles behind you - employers will find your unique skill set valuable if you're able to craft your narrative and go after roles that make the most of what you have to offer.


Erica is the Community Manager for Dev Bootcamp, an organization that pioneered the short-term, immersive coding school model. She's a passionate and experienced community builder. She's an intellectually curious tech enthusiast with a passion for diversity and education. You can follow her on Twitter @ladylovescode

• #3 Colby Terry - Writing Software is Hard


Writing software can be very overwhelming, but it's not something developers generally talk about. We'll go over process and hardships of becoming a developer and overcoming challenges for newcomers to the craft.


Hailing from the Lafayette, Indiana, Colby is currently a remote PHP Software Engineer for Professional Diversity Network. Having spent over half his lifetime programming (12 of 23 years), he's made a living off of doing freelance web and game development as well as working for a handful of small businesses. He also plays guitar.

• #4 Upgrading to PHP7 by Tim Bond


I will discuss the process involved and some of the pitfalls I encountered when migrating our PHP 5.6 application to 7.0


Tim has been working with PHP for over 11 years and is currently a full stack developer at Lightspeed GMI.

#5 Philip Jenck - Develop with Confidence ... Why PHP and Concrete5 just make sense!


Concrete5 ver. 8, "Simplicity & Elegance" See the "new features" slideshow. Learn why C5 is the best choice for the non-techy creative power-user crowd. How C5 saves you time and money with not just easy creation but easy maintenance features not found in other CMSs.


Meet Philip Jenck. COMPUTER PROGRAMMER and small businessman...Philip has been creating R.A.D. solutions since 1982 for DOS to LAN to Browser to mobile business automation needs. His IT Philosophy: KICASS ... Keep it cheap and super simple!