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What we’re about

Leading people to a powerful, purposeful, lit life with Jesus

We are an accepting community of people all over the Bay Area whose lives have been profoundly changed by God and his son Jesus Christ. We believe growth with God is an ongoing process of seeking and requires support and love from others in the body of Christ. We are a community that cares about others no matter where they've come from and we are committed to helping wherever we can.

Because giving to those in need was one of the main things Jesus valued and was deeply passionate about, we at Searchlight Fellowship are too! We decided to no longer do church in a big meeting space that required a high weekly rental cost and instead do church in homes so that our financial resources could make a BIGGER change! We are now able to help support some Bay Area nonprofits doing amazing work for the adult and youth homeless population, as well as help feed struggling low-income families every quarter. As a result of making this change, we no longer spend our much needed resources to sustain a big meeting space AND have empowered others to serve by hosting an online home fellowship. Making the shift to church in homes via online also helped us grow so we are now all over the Bay Area and have even more resources to give to those that need it the most! In the book of Acts, they didn’t do church as a big meeting. Church was in people’s homes. So it's a lot like that, BUT with the incredible advantage of technology.  We stream and/or record services (or teaching series) for people to gather online to worship and learn the word.  Most fellowships have 15-20 members. We believe it’s a powerful, inviting, and much better way to do church ESPECIALLY because we've been able to pour even more of our resources into local and global needs as well as what will help Searchlight reach more people to know Jesus, and not just rent for a physical location.  Jesus was passionate about helping those that were hungry, poor and homeless so we will do whatever it takes to be about that too!   

Why’s Doing Church In Homes Better?

They’re casual and fun!  Since our inception people have been drawn to and LOVED our home fellowships.  Fellowships are so much fun!  They’re casual and a waaaaay better place for people to connect, make lasting friendships, experience acceptance, God's grace and love! Each online fellowship has a fun component.

They’re better for growth: Because they’re smaller it allows people to connect more and help each other to grow in stretching, applying the word, growing and giving.  Every person makes a difference and contributes.  It’s a much better place for each person to see their calling and ministry and how they can make an impact.  Again, it allows us to do more for the needy.

They happen at all different days of the week and all different locations so more lives are changed radically! Why not have it be easier and more accessible to more people by having more options?


Searchlight members host online fellowships across many areas of California surrounding San Jose, San Francisco, Vallejo and more!  To get more information or if you feel a calling to host a fellowship, please visit our Fellowship Tab.


We are a community of seekers. We believe that none of us as mere human beings hold the truth, but that truth does exist. We value the pursuit of truth. We believe this requires humility and openness.

We recognize growth is a journey. We empower and encourage people to take ownership in their freedom to choose what they believe. We respect other faiths and views and find value and goodness in views other than our own. We welcome all wherever they may be in their spiritual journey.

We are passionate about seeking personal and spiritual growth. We believe that cannot be accomplished without others. God’s provided the Body of Christ to support growth. We believe all people have struggles, have been hurt and need healing. The bible talks about this being our sin nature. In order to overcome these hurts it’s important to have an environment of grace where people can talk about things without fear of condemnation and judgment. We recognize growth is a journey. There is no perfection.