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What we’re about

Ever wonder where ordinary people might look to add new skills to their bedroom toolbox of fun? But you run into intimidating things like BDSM, Swinging, Tantra or other concepts that are a bit bolder than you were hoping for? How about the softer side of Erotica? Here we talk about positive healthy human sexuality resources for individuals or couples that believe that there can be something better, without it having to be uncomfortably kinky. Here you don't have to be willing to trade or whip your partner or tell your partner how to breathe. We don't entertain alternate spirituality, or derogatory treatments. Together we explore and discuss resources that instruct or inspire sensuality as applied to men and women in old school, holistic, connected and intimate methodologies. Basically, what is good sex? How do we accomplish it? How do we sustain it and grow it? What can I learn and try that is within my comfort level? What is my comfort level? Etc.
It starts with you. Without your interest and involvement, we don’t have a discussion. So Every Meetup is geared to empower new members’ anonymous access. What does that mean? You can come to our Meetup and just watch and listen. You can come to every Meetup and just ‘sit in’ if you like, and we will be delighted with your presence. Feel like joining the conversation or ask a question? Great! Human sexuality is a very personal subject. We respect every person’s privacy so we ask that what is said here, stays here.
We also want to schedule our Meetups to optimize for your location and availability. So If you want to see a Meetup close to you on a weekday morning, Let us know and we will endeavor to arrange it.