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What we’re about

This group is open to anyone interested in reading and discussing books that relate directly to intersectional feminism. This may include a variety of genres including novels, non-fiction, memoirs, and theory. Our goal is to engage in feminist critique of patriarchal systems and to challenge hegemonic sexist discourse, but also to examine conflicts and disagreements within feminism.
This is an inclusive group – anyone who identifies as feminist or wants to learn more is welcome - but the voices and experiences of people of marginalized genders are the priority. Cis men, please read the guidelines below.
We ask that anyone attending the discussion meetings has read or attempted to read the material (it's totally understandable if you didn't finish the reading, but please at least give it a go before the meeting).

Guidelines for cis men:
Feminist Book Club is a space where cis men can learn and be challenged, but people of marginalized genders are the center and the priority of this group. Cis men who aren’t into that are welcome to join any of the zillions of meetup groups where their privilege will go unquestioned. Here are our guidelines/expectations for cis men:
1.  This is an explicitly feminist group. We are not here to debate the validity of feminism or the existence of patriarchy. 
2.  If you feel a burning itch to ask “what about the men??” in our discussions please DO NOT scratch that itch. Patriarchy is allll about the cis men, so you should be able to handle a two-hour conversation in which you are not the centerpoint. 
3.  Yes, patriarchy hurts cis men too, but it does not oppress them. It is a system designed to maintain the subordination of females to males in every sphere of life. It sucks that you’re not allowed to cry, but it sucks a lot more that men rape, beat, and murder women at genocidal rates. That is a humanitarian crisis worth crying about.
4.  Do not come to book club to stretch your “intellectual debate” muscles. Patriarchy isn’t an abstract concept or philosophical quandary, it’s our daily experience. 
5.  Come to listen. Don’t speak more than two times in our meetings (or preferably not at all). Cis men are not the experts on feminism or women’s experiences, so you might actually learn something interesting if you listen more than you speak.
6.  Do not interrupt women.
7.  Do not come here to meet women (romantically). 
8. Do not private message the organizers for a personalized curriculum on feminism or individual feminist tutoring session over coffee, drinks, etc. If there is a specific subject you’d like more resources about ask in the comments or discussion board. We will collectively make suggestions if we have them. Also there is a list in the discussion board of all the books/articles we have ever read in this group, so that is a great place to look for resources. 
9.  Do not email the organizers to teach us how to be better feminists or better manage the book club. When the organizers send a snarky response do not react with a tirade of insults. 
10.  Do not accuse us of hating cis men or being too critical of cis men. Count your lucky stars that women haven’t done to you what cis men have done to us.
If you don't like these rules don't come. We won't tolerate any bullshit.