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【Flink + AWS Kinesis Analytics】Running Flink applications in Kinesis Analytics

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Bowen and Haitao W.


Please share this event with your friends, colleagues, or anyone who is interested in Apache Flink and stream processing! We look forward to seeing you soon!

TALK #1: AWS Kinesis Analytics: running Flink serverless in multi-tenant environment (~45min)

Ryan Nienhuis, Sr. Product Manager, AWS Kinesis

Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics provides a serverless Apache Flink service, enabling developers to focus on stream processing by providing an elastic execution environment, state management and automatic scaling operations. In this talk we will talk about

1. How to run Apache Flink applications using Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics service
2. Challenges we faced building a multi-tenant serverless Apache Flink service
3. Our plans to contribute to open source.

TALK #2: How to contribute to Flink: a hands-on guide to start your Apache open-source journey

Bowen Li, Committer of Apache Flink, Senior SDE at Alibaba

Always been wanting to contribute to Flink and become part of the Apache open-source community, but don't know how to start? This talk is for you!

We will talk about:
- What are the roles at Flink (or any typical Apache project)
- How to seek for help from Flink community
- How to contribute to Flink and become a contributor
- How to become a Flink committer
- Routines of Apache Flink developer group

This talk aims to provide audience with insights on how the community operates, how to get yourselves involved in Flink, and how to take the small yet critical step forward to become a Flink and Apache open-source project contributor.

If we have time, I will also talk about Flink community's efforts on 1.9 release, unification of streaming and batch, and unification of data processing system

- 5:30pm - 6pm Food and networking
- 6pm - 6:10pm Meetup introduction and Flink's community status update, by Bowen
- 6:10pm - 7:45pm Two talks, ~45min each

LOCATION: 2nd floor, 1812 Boren Avenue, Seattle 98109. Please bring your ID and check in at the reception in the building. We will have people escort attendees to the conference room.

DATE: May 30, 2019 (Thursday)


Pizza and drinks will be provided.

TRANSPORTATION: Taking public transportations would be convenient. There're also street parking spots. Amazon validates parking.

If you are interested in giving talks or sponsoring our next event, please contact @Bowen.
1812 Boren Ave
1812 Boren Ave · Seattle, WA
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