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We are a diverse community of software professionals who are passionate about making great software together. We are committed to continuously learning better ways of producing software, sharing with and learning from each other, and setting the standard for ethics, quality and mutual respect for all.

Regardless of our differences, we choose to be defined by what brings us together, rather than what sets each of us apart.

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Eastside Software Craft Lunch (virtual)

Online event

The first half hour will be small-talk and chit-chat. Starting at noon we'll use the lean coffee format for a structured-but agendaless-conversation. Bring your questions and insights around whatever topic interests you.

Pair Programming: Better Than Adderall

Online event

For years Matt Kleiman’s Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and other learning disabilities deterred his success on traditional software development teams. Working alone, on globally distributed teams, and on amorphous tasks, Matt found himself struggling to meet the expectations of a software engineer. In an endless showdown against distractions, Matt almost gave up on his career. This is the story of how Pivotal Labs’ Extreme Programming practices not only have the ability to transform bloated, slow-moving enterprise software development teams but also have the power to promote inclusive and neurodiverse groups of software engineers. Matt’s journey to find a workplace that nourishes his strengths has taught him the value of bringing neuroatypical individuals together to form teams that benefit from broad and divergent thinking. About Matt: Matt Kleiman is passionate about transforming the way the world builds software. Matt struggled with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and other learning disabilities during his first 8 years in the tech industry. His first two years as a developer at Pivotal Labs NY provided him with such relief from his struggles that he was able to grow in ways he never even imagined. Today Matt is not only a software engineer and consultant, but he is also a manager at VMware Pivotal Labs’ DC office, where he helps others craft their own career journeys. Matt loves traveling. In 2018 he flew over 100,000 miles in 7 different countries. That was over 9 days in airplanes! He and his wife are looking forward to getting away again once the pandemic is over. Ask him about the time he flew to Singapore and back in one weekend! Special East Coast Timing Edition!!! (all times Pacific) 4:30pm - Slack will "officially open" for chatting (it's open all the time but Paige and I will be online) 5:00pm - 6:30pm - Presentation and discussion

Patterns: Many of 1

CDK Global - Seattle

Patterns: My first car was a geo metro. I use to notice them everywhere. I still see a few of them on the road today. Our brains discard the vast majority of information that they receive before it gets to your conscious brain, but you can train it to recognize patterns and then it is extremely good at seeing them. Once they are in your conscious brain you can evaluate them to see if they are useful in the given context. This session is to help us see a new pattern: Many of 1. There exists a number between 1 and 2, ‘Many of 1’. This pattern is extremely useful in refactoring and API design for both backward compatibility and future enhancement options. We are going to look at this and do some exercises to practice it in the context of • Refactoring • Arrays • Var args • Optional Parameters • Hashmaps • Container Objects • Service containers Bio: Llewellyn Falco “[After Llewellyn's coaching] I have NEVER seen our team work so well together, so much knowledge transfer and productive work!” – Tim Falleur, Healthesystems Llewellyn Falco is an agile technical coach who specializes in teaching teams how to slay their legacy code dragons. His style is akin to a personal trainer: working with the teams to create healthy and lasting technical habits. He is the creator of the open-source testing tool ApprovalTests( www.approvaltests.com ), co-author of the Mob Programming Guidebook ( http://www.mobprogrammingguidebook.com/ ) and Co-founder of TeachingKidsProgramming.org. He is an internationally renowned speaker who has presented over 200 conference sessions since 2009. If you would like to get a sample of him, check out his Practical Refactoring talk ( https://youtu.be/aWiwDdx_rdo ) 6:30pm - Slack will "officially open" for chatting (it's open all the time but Paige and I will be online) 7:00pm - 8:30pm - Presentation and discussion

Virtual Talk/Presentation/Discussion TBD (tentatively Jay Bazuzi)

CDK Global - Seattle

This could be you virtually presenting about a topic that interests you! Reach out to us and let's chat. For the record, we generally do not like to have presentations about service offerings or some new tech, we tend to lean towards topics that help us get better at our craft and can be applied across many domains and languages. 6:30pm - Slack will "officially open" for chatting (it's open all the time but Paige and I will be online) 7:00pm - 8:30pm - Presentation and discussion

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Predictive Analytics for Teams

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