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About Us:

We, the Seattle Software Crafters, are a diverse community of software professionals who are passionate about making great software. We are committed to continuously learning better ways of producing software, sharing with and learning from each other, and setting the standard for ethics, quality, and mutual respect for all. Regardless of our differences, we choose to be defined by what brings us together, rather than what sets each of us apart. This meeting isn't about any specific technology or programming language, rather it's about finding ways to get better at writing code. We are not for profit and are open to any and all ideas, welcoming constructive discussion and debate on all topics around Code Craft. We strive to be an inclusive and welcoming group, not an exclusive one. Beginners, long time practitioners, and skeptics are welcome.

Code of Conduct:

The Seattle Software Crafters meetup is dedicated to providing a safe, inclusive, welcoming, and harassment-free space and experience for all community participants, regardless of race, ethnicity, culture, national origin, color, immigration status, social and economic class, educational level, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, age, size, family status, religion, politics, and mental and physical ability.

The Seattle Software Crafters are all about the open exchange of ideas and freedom of thought and expression. This can only happen for us if we can meet in a friendly, safe environment. Therefore, we must create safe spaces, and we do not tolerate harassment of members/speakers/facilitators in any form. We expect all participants to show respect and courtesy to other participants while engaging in civil discussion and debate. Talking about and critiquing the code can get spicy enough without taking unkind actions towards the person, people, or politics. We expect you will speak up if disrespectful or discourteous behavior occurs.

Our Code of Conduct exists because of that dedication, and we do not tolerate harassment in any form. If you experience any violation or what you feel is harassment please report it to Steve Kuo or Paige Watson via private Slack or Meetup messages.

To make clear what is expected, we have published this Code of Conduct. It is not exhaustive. Instead, we draw on the atmosphere of cooperation and transparency characteristics of our crafter community. We expect all participants will honor this Code, and we'll continue to treat fellow community members honorably and with respect. Let us be kind, conscientious and remember to have fun while we figure out new tricks to empower us to enjoy and write good code!

Upcoming events (4+)

Eastside Software Craft Lunch (virtual)

Online event

We use the "Lean Coffee" format for a structured-but agendaless-conversation.

Bring your questions and insights around whatever topic interests you.

Tim Ottinger - Ensemble Programming? How inefficient!

Online event

Come and explore the performance ramifications of working in pairs, groups, and whole teams.

Tim is a coach, coder, consultant, mentor, author, and Twitter addict at Industrial Logic. In his 40+ years in software, he has helped countless developers and managers gain new skills for working with software and with other people

This is a virtual event.

Zoom opens at 9:30 AM Pacific.
The talk begins around 10:00 AM.
General Q&A around 11:00 AM.

Link to the Seattle Code Craft Slack channel. http://bit.ly/SeattleSoftwareCrafterSlack

Thanksgiving Break!

Online event

Fourth Thursday of November is always Thanksgiving. Take this month off and ponder how you can be even more awesome!

Christmas Eve Challenge...spend time with friends and family...

It's the day before Christmas Eve Day, spend time with friends and/or family. Sustainable pace and balance! Take a break, it's well deserved! You might catch me on Slack though...

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Eastside Software Craft Lunch (virtual)

Online event

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